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The following table shows the results of the Tomato Trials for 2009, using the AirDomes. As you can see the results show that the use of the AirDome does increase the yeild. In 2010 we will be trialing the AirDomes again but in a commercial greenhouse and in full sun. Note: all values are in Grams (g)

 Tomato Trials

This May, AutoPot decided to go live with the all new version three of the AutoPot website.
Neater, easier to navigate and user-friendly, the new site will be worked on over the next few weeks to bring you fresh content and the long requested and awaited FAQ and Tips areas!

This year at AutoPot, we have had some professional 3D animations created, to clearly demonstrate the way in which the easy2grow Kit works. To compliment this, we also have a 3D walk-around of a typical greenhouse setup.

Click here to visit the 3D animations area


Through 2009, AutoPot continue with the Greenhouse Trials and Eden Project Trials, among other photo and video diaries.
Explore the 2009 Photo & Video Diaries by clicking here

Please remember that you can keep up to date by viewing the 2009 Greenhouse Trials that can be found in the Photo & Video Diaries - 2009.

At present there are videos available for May, June & July 2009. Please take the time to look at this information as it is informative and shows the healthy growth of the plants during this period. August & September 2009 videos will be added over the next couple.

To everyone using our watering systems we would thank-you for purchasing our products during the 2009 season. If you have any problems, questions or wish to suggest how we can make our website better please contact us via the contacts section of the site. Any photos are also more than welcome as we will add these to our latest news section.


Although we have many appointed distributors around the world, these can be found in the resellers section of the website, by clicking here.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor in a country, please forward any information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AutoPot Tip: Visit our interactive Retailer Map to see where you can get AutoPot products and watering systems in your local area.

We have now added a resellers section to the website. There is a reseller/distributor locator within this page to allow you to find the nearest outlet to you, powered by Google, allowing you to retrieve directions and more. If you are an existing distributor and would like your company logo adding to our site please forward over a JPEG image to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add it to the resellers section.

Green OrchidRecently we visited Motherwell in Scotland the home of Green Orchid HydroPonics on the site of Greenside Garden Centre. Willie the owner has spent a year totally refurbishing the large greenhouse and is now trialling many methods of irrigation systems. Please visit the latest news section to see video of the progress in the greenhouse using AutoPot products. More information will be added in due course.

3D animations are now available in the product section of the website, at present you can view the easy2grow Kit and a greenhouse set-up showing the easy2grow Extension Kits being used. Shortly we will be adding the animation of the AQUAbox being used in a 1 meter raised bed and the AQUAtable which will be in production towards the end of 2010. We will also be producing an animation of the 1Pot System being used in a greenhouse growing cucumbers and finally an animation showing all the products in a greenhouse and outside in the garden. Please keep an eye out for these additions as they are very informative. To view the present animations please follow this link.

Along with the appointment of a Thai distributor we will also be constructing a 30 meter x 10 meter greenhouse near Rayong; this greenhouse will be used to trial the products further so that the information can be passed onto potential clients. As there is a global recession at the moment we have decided to make use of the land (23,000 sq meters) in Koh Samui that myself and a group of investors bought in 2004. This will in time be developed into a self sustainable site utilising the AutoPot technology, the proposal for the site can be seen at However in the meantime and until the global market picks up we have decided to make use of the land by turning it into a sweet coconut farm. As sweet coconut is very much sought after on the Koh Samui we have decided it makes sense to plant them on the island.

Over the next 5-7 years the site will therefore supply the island with as much sweet coconut that we can grow. We will also be making full use of the AutoPot technology as we will be irrigating each of the 600 coconut trees with its own AQUAbox. This site will also be used as a show site for the AutoPot technology and the huge advantages in particular the AQUAbox can offer. The site should be complete by the end of October 2009. Photos will be added to the website once the sweet coconut trees are planted.

Nutriculture We have now appointed a distributor in Thailand, Mr Ebby Bauch will in due course have all the products available for sale within the Kingdom of Thailand. Photos will be added to our website along with contact details of how to obtain the products in this country.

NutricultureWe are now please to announce the appointment of an additional distributor in the UK for the AutoPot products, this being Nutriculture (UK) Ltd. We now have additional distributors in the UK; these being Growth Technology Ltd, HydroGarden Ltd and Garland Products Ltd, are also an appointed distributor & manufacturer of the AutoPot products into the Mail order and Garden Centre market


In September 2009 we will be launching a new product the AQUAbox. The AQUAbox incorporates the AQUAvalve technology but is designed to be placed directly in the ground. It is perfect for raised beds, grow bags, allotments and in boarders. Information including an animation will be added to the website prior to September. It is simply placed in the ground with capillary wicks pulling the water from the AQUAbox and distributing it into the soil.

Watering Tip: In trials over the last 18 months we have successfully been irrigating 1 meter square beds with just one AQUAbox.

For more information please click the link below.

Aqua Box Raised Bed Watering - Products


On the 7th July 2009 I was invited by the PM to attend 10 Downing Street.

The invitation along with a hand full of selected businesses around the UK was to discuss issues on how the government & the UKTI could help companies like AutoPot distribute their products around the globe.

AutoPot Links & Affilliates AutoPot Links & Affilliates

I managed to say my piece and the evening was a great success. Due to the water saving issues that our products have to offer we have made contacts with some very important people & businesses that are looking at the AutoPot technology for dry regions & 3rd world countries and viewing this as potentially a concept that could well address many issues faced with plant irrigation in these areas. Little Growers was also discussed and the concept we can offer in schools while using the AutoPot technology. This unique scheme raised a few eyebrows with Lord Mandelson & Lord Davies showing a great interest.

I will keep you posted in future newsletters of further progress.

Ask Josh
As some of you may have noticed, we recently updated the AutoPot and Little Growers websites with a fresh look and new design, our intentions being to make the sites easier to navigate, more user-friendly and more of a pleasure to visit.

New and updated features to the sites include:

  • New streamig video players providing the latest video diaries for both AutoPot and Little Growers.


  • An updated newsletter system running through a dedicated mail server to ensure all subscribed customers receive it as intended and have access to the latest.

    ... And more!

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