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AuAsk Josh - XmastoPot wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas, we hope you have a restful break and a brilliant start to 2012! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone from our customers to our distributors and staff for making 2011 a great year for AutoPot. Our product range continues to grow and our international presence has developed beyond expectations this year. We are now in over 30 countries worldwide, and are very excited about what 2012 has in store for AutoPot.

The AutoPot offices will be closed from the afternoon of the 22nd December and are reopen for business on January 3rd.

We are proud to announce that we have now set up our main trial for 2012 at Valley Grown Nurseries. The trial will run for two years utilising the easy2grow systems to grow pepper plants in a total of 160 pots using market leaders Canna and Gold Label coco mediums. Valley Grown Nurseries is one of the UK’s most prestigious and respected nurseries, they grow over 250,000 pepper plants a year, supplying the main supermarkets within the UK with peppers all year round. The trial is being conducted in a controlled environment of 72 degrees, humidity of 75% and the fertiliser used is a bespoke mix compiled by Gary Taylor, one of the leading horticulturalists in the UK.

Valley Grown Nurseries

The trial will be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to truly show the development of the plants and progression of the project. There will be a live stream video which will be available to view at as well as time lapse photography, a photo will be taken every 15 minutes, then once a month the photos will be collated to create a 1 minute video showing the progression of the trial over the month. Watch this space for live updates throughout next year within the website and features in newsletters on the trail’s progress. Here at AutoPot we are extremely confident that this will be our best commercial trial to date.


AutoPot are pleased to announce our Early Bird Christmas Offer, we have significantly reduced our easy2grow range throughout November.


We are offering large discounts on the easy2grow range in preparation for Christmas present shopping, so now is the ideal time to snap up a bargain for your green fingered friends and family. (UK orders only)

Also a brief reminder that the recommend a friend and customer photo offers are still running. Email your AutoPot set up pictures or recommend a friend to receive a 10% discount off your next Online Shop order, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Customer Photo Offer

Reccomend a Friend Offer

AutoPot are extremely pleased to announce the launch of AutoPot Benelux, we have been working closely with Michiel, the founder of AutoPot Benelux for some time now in preparation for the establishment of AutoPot in Holland to supply customers and retailers in Holland and Belgium. AutoPot Benelux is also a FlexiTank distributor and they are confident that this product will be huge within Europe.

AutoPot Benelux

AutoPot Benelux

The team over at AutoPot Benelux consists of Meddy who is taking care of orders and will be undertaking the Little Growers project, Martin takes care of sales and Michiel, the founder does everything in between! The staff are not only keen but know the AutoPot systems inside and out so can advise clients whether they are domestic growers, stores or commercial sites. Michiel explains how he came across AutoPot and why he decided to establish AutoPot Benelux:

“I am an innovation searcher and that is why I got involved in AutoPot, the systems are easy to use, with the water and power saving aspect creating wide possibilities in this market, from commercial to hobby garden enthusiasts in the Benelux and Germany.”

AutoPot Benelux is also busy starting a Little Growers project in Holland, which we are extremely pleased and excited about. It will be launched in Spring with three schools; children aged 7 to 9 years will be using both the AutoPot pot systems and the AQUAbox Spyders. The projects will be over seen by a highly experienced employee of the local garden centre who will provide full support and horticultural expertise to the students and their Little Growers initiatives. All the equipment for the Little Growers Projects will be donated by local companies and AutoPot Benelux, we will be sure to update you on their project in the Spring!

Michiel’s website is impressive, with a fresh take on the AutoPot brand, please do take a look at

AutoPot continues to grow in Brazil, Ivan and the team are based in Fortaleza, Ceara which is situated in the Northeast of the country. Ivan explains below how AutoPot Brazil began.

AutoPot Brazil

"We instantly took a liking to AutoPot especially as the products were innovative, simple to use and environmentally friendly and we knew that we had to arrange a meet with Jason to discuss the products in more detail." Ivan Fernandes

AutoPot Brazil

Last month Ivan and his team presented AutoPot Brazil at the annual Frutal trade fair in Fortaleza. The AutoPot technology had never been seen in the region before so there was a great deal of intrigue in the stand. The visitors were very interested in the simplicity of the way the AQUAvalve worked and the fact that it could be utilised both in gardens and commercial environments. Visitors were keen on the idea of a product that saves water, energy and labour costs not to mention the potential to increase yield productivity.

Since AutoPot Brazil debuted their product range at the Frutal Trade Fair many people have been enquiring including numerous government agencies as well as agricultural companies, garden centres, distributors and individuals. AutoPot Brazil is only in its early stages however we really believe that AutoPot will make its presence felt throughout the country very soon, it fulfils numerous requirements in terms of water conservation, reduced labour costs and ultimate simplicity to produce high yields time and time again. AutoPot Brazil will be launching their all new website soon, we will be sure to inform you as soon as it goes live!

AutoPot are happy to inform you that the revolutionary collapsible waterbutt; the FlexiTank is now back in stock! It is available from our online shop and from our distributors, Growth Technology and Nutriculture.

The 225 litre FlexiTank flew off of the shelves when it was first launched, with demand far exceeding expectations but we are relieved to inform you that we have now received new stock to fulfil orders. The FlexiTank offers a revolutionary solution to water storage, it is compact, takes minutes to assemble, and when you’re done it can be packed away until next season. It is a truly unique product that AutoPot are pleased to have launched into the market, do take a look at the new website for more information!







Valley Grown Nurseries

AutoPot are pleased to announce they will be conducting a commercial trial at Valley Grown Nurseries beginning in December and running for two years. Valley Grown Nurseries is one of the UK’s most prestigious and respected nurseries, they grow over 250,000 pepper plants a year, supplying the main supermarkets within the UK with peppers all year round. AutoPot will be establishing the trial using two hundred easy2grow irrigation systems, in total 400 pots. The trial will have 400 pepper plants growing in the environmentally friendly watering systems, in a controlled environment of 72 degrees, humidity of 75% and the fertiliser used will be a bespoke mix compiled by Gary Taylor, one of the leading horticulturalists in the UK.

Valley Grown Nurseries

Gary Taylor, the owner of Valley Grown Nurseries is one of the most respected and well known horticulturalists in the UK and Europe, both he and Jason Ralph Smith, the founder of AutoPot will be overseeing the trial. The AutoPot systems have no need for timers pumps or electricity making this trial unique and truly innovative. The trial will be monitored using time lapse photography and live video streaming which will be available to view at

The last trial conducted by AutoPot was in 2010 at their farm site in Oxfordshire and ran for seven months growing chillies, cucumbers and tomatoes in 240 pots using the easy2grow system. The results were impressive with unprecedented yields, however AutoPot have increased not only the length but the scale of their up and coming trial. Watch this space for live updates within the website and features in newsletters on the trail’s progress.


In August our AutoPot representative Kele Mogegeh debuted AutoPot watering systems to Botswana at its Annual Consumer Fayre. The fair was held in Gaborone and was a huge success, with numerous visitors to the stand showing a great deal of interest and excitement about the innovative AutoPot systems. Botswana’s environmental and economic climate is perfect for the use of AutoPot watering systems; they offer a low cost, long term and sustainable option for irrigation of food crops in an area that desperately requires assistance in this area to produce reliable yields time and time again. Well done to Kele for an impressive first trade stand, we wish him the best of luck in establishing AutoPot in a region we would love to see the products flourish within.

AutoPot Botswana

AutoPot in New Caledonia have been busy recently! Nelson, Sandy and their team are currently developing a customer gallery to showcase AutoPot users growing areas…as a teaser please take a look at this innovative homemade greenhouse.

AutoPot Botswana

They built the system using 1/3 perlite, 2/3 potting mix as a medium and a bed of clay pebbles in the bottom. They are growing Tomatoes, salad, peppers, basil and parsley, which as you can see are doing extremely well!

AutoPot Botswana

Sandy and his team also exhibited at "Le Salon du jardinage" (agriculture, garden and outdoor furniture show), this is an annual event since 1997 in Noumea. It took place over four days, showing 70 professional exhibition stands and drew up to 8000 visitors. This was the first time AutoPot was displayed in front of a large public in New Caledonia, with tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, chilli, salad and green onions on display within the systems to show people just how easy and successful the AutoPot technology is. The easy2grow system was met with huge success, so much so the stand was almost entirely out of stock at the end of the show. Local TV also made a small report of the AutoPot display, which then showed in the evening local news. Since the trade show there has been very good feedback from New Caledonia residents, with many existing customers already re-ordering easy2grow

extension kits to expand their systems as a result of the show.

Chris Childerhouse

AutoPot has recently begun advertising in both Maximum Yield UK and USA. In the November issue of Maximum Yield’s Industry News.

AutoPot will have a double page feature in the Movers and Shakers section. This feature focuses on how companies are educating the world on the benefits of indoor gardening for the future of hydroponics. We are really pleased with the result so please do take a look and thank you to Ashley and Jessica at Maximum Yield for approaching AutoPot to feature in this section.


Maximum Yield

AutoPot was recently exhibited at the Cucumber Festival by Gary Taylor of Valley Grown Nurseries. The AutoPot easy2grow system is the perfect watering solution for cucumbers as it provides everything the plant requires as and when it needs it. As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, our commercial grow site in Thailand has had huge success growing cucumbers in the easy2grow system.


Chris Childerhouse

The cucumber festival not only celebrated the humble cucumber but brought together the whole community to highlight the diverse nature of the crops grown in the Lea Valley, there was a great diversity of businesses under the Waltham Abbey town partnership that all contributed on the day. Thank you to Gary for exhibiting AutoPot on our behalf and for what looked like a lovely day!

Chris Childerhouse

As we informed you in the last newsletter AutoPot is proudly sponsoring the youngest captain of the England Shooting Team Chris Childerhouse. Chris’s winning streak has continued since our last update, on the 10th September he Captained the England team to victory in Ireland, winning the home internationals by an impressive 70 clays. The following day Chris went on to win the Irish Classic by 3 clear shots on the Sunday after the Home Internationals. On the 18th September Chris reached the semi finals of the Mitsubishi World Series at the Midland Game Fair in Telford and during the same weekend he won the Game Fair Championship with a 50 straight. It’s safe to say September was a fantastic month for Chris with victories all over the country. Keep up the great form Chris, a huge well done from everyone at AutoPot!

1361910_specialofferAutoPot are pleased to announce that all orders via our UK Online Shop over £30 will 1304442_12279733602008098033rg1024_cartoon_camera.svg.medreceive free delivery throughout the month of September. This means great savings on products such as easy2grow liquid feed especially in the large quantities of 5 and 20 litres. We are also continuing the 10% discount off online shop purchases for recommending a friend to AutoPot or sending in photos of your AutoPot set up. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Our all new product, the 225 litre collapsible waterbutt, the FlexiTank has been flying off the shelves since its official launch in July.1530389_flexiresize It is now stocked by Growth Technology and Nutriculture and available on our Online Shop. International interest has also been extremely promising with samples sent worldwide including Sweden, USA and Israel. It offers the perfect solution to water storage, the box dimensions are 80x18x13cm and it weighs a mere 3kg so in terms of reducing shipping costs, storage out of season and manoeuvrability it is ideal. It takes minutes to assemble with no need for tools. It really couldn’t be simpler!


AutoPot recently exhibited at one of the leading UK Grow Shows, The Grow Expo in Manchester. It was a great opportunity for us to meet customers, retailers and distributors within the industry whilst catching up with old friends all at the same time. We debuted the all new 225 litre collapsible waterbutt, the Flexi Tank, with great success, the interest shown was phenomenal and since the show orders have been going extremely well. The all new brochure for 2011-2012 flew off the shelves, with our initial shipment of 30,000 copies almost all gone! To view and download the new brochure for yourself please click here.

1530384_maldivesThe Maldives AutoPot project we have previously informed you about continues to grow with the hotel resorts now trialing the easy2grow systems and a range of crops. Once their feasibility study is complete they will plan how to implement the AutoPot systems so that fresh produce can supply their restaurants rather than incurring environmental and financial costs of importing produce from Dubai. This will ensure produce of the highest and freshest quality is supplied directly to their restaurants and in this way they become self sustainable.

In extremely exciting news our AutoPot representative in the Maldives has submitted a proposal to the Maldivian Government for a truly amazing project. Zahid, the Maldivian AutoPot rep has proposed to own an entire island under a lease agreement for 35 years, with 155 acres of land and 208 acres in lagoon area. The island will be an Agricultural Research and Training Centre, to empower and educate locals how to grow their own produce in their gardens. A variety of agricultural methods will be demonstrated on a very large scale on the island; within this there will be a substantial AutoPot horticultural garden to demonstrate the effectiveness of the irrigation systems. Zahid recently met with the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, who was keen and positive about the Island Centre proposal. If the Maldivian Government approve the bid this initiative will offer a hugely innovative solution to agricultural difficulties in the Maldivian islands and promote locals to grow and sustain themselves rather than purchase highly priced, low quality imported goods. Watch this space for news on this very exciting venture!


1530411_brochure The new 2011-2012 brochure has been extremely well received, with our initial print run of 30,000 nearly all gone! We now have Spanish and French versions available to view and download on our website. To view our range of brochures in a variety of languages, please follow here.

For the fifth year running the AutoPot easy2grow systems were exhibited at the West Dean Chilli Fiesta by Inner Garden. The weekend was a huge success, with the festival growing in size and attendees every year. AutoPot was so well received the stand entirely ran out of brochures, with new brochures having to be delivered to restock the AutoPot area for the 19,000 visitors over the weekend. The AutoPot easy2grow system is the perfect system for chilli growing, as the below photo shows we had superb results with a range of chilli varieties in our trials.


In 2010 AutoPot ran a farm trial in Oxfordshire growing chillies in the easy2grow system, using 60 pots with astonishing results. We produced seventy five kilos of chillies over a seven month period, growing the Super Thai Chilli variety. We had a two month cropping period from August to October, with the plants being potted up in April. To view a range of photos and videos detailing the trial over seven months please do take a look here. Chillies are extremely easy to grow as they are a bush like format, low maintenance and therefore AutoPot provides everything required for a superb crop.


A recent AutoPot competition winner was a chilli company called PeepsTreats, they won an 8Pot system with 100 litre waterbutt and have now established their chilli varieties using AutoPot. Peeps Treats grow a range of chillies to then produce their own chilli condiments and sauces. They are having great results with the 1Pot system and in the next newsletter we will be bringing you news of their AutoPot chilli growing, watch this space!

Chris Childerhouse

AutoPot are proud to announce that we are sponsoring England’s youngest captain of the England Shooting Team Chris Childerhouse. Chris is a local resident who has been shooting since the age of 14 and has won several titles both abroad and within the UK. On July 24th he won the Professional Shoot at Bleinham Palace and on August 13th he went on to win the Barbury Challenge. Chris continues to go from strength to strength within the UK Clay Pigeon Shooting circuit, achieving brilliant results, especially considering he is often the youngest in his sport at competitions. AutoPot wish him the best of luck in his up and coming events!

We hope you have enjoyed our latest news and updates. We love to hear from our customers so if you have any queries, questions or comments from the newsletter please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you think. Have a great week and happy growing!

AutoPot Watering System BrochureAutoPot is pleased to announce that we now have a new brochure for 2011, we have been working hard to make this our most comprehensive and engaging brochure yet. The brochure not only details our product range but is also a how to guide for all our customers with handy hints throughout, invaluable advice and demonstrations of all AutoPot systems whether for beginners or commercial growers. To download the brochure please click here, we will be sending out bulk deliveries of the brochure to all our distributors and with all orders so expect a copy to land on your doorstep soon!

Special Offers

AutoPot are continuing to provide great offers for all our UK Online Shop customers throughout the summer! Grab yourself a bargain in July, as we are offering free delivery (within the UK) on all Online Shop orders. This means that heavier products such as our easy2grow liquid feed and large systems are significantly cheaper to purchase, so grab yourself a bargain and head to our UK ONLINE SHOP.

AutoPot are also continuing our recommend a friend and customer photo offers. Receive 10% off next Online Shop order when you email us photographs and details of your AutoPot set up to us. Also if you recommend a friend to AutoPot by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details, both you and your friend will receive 10% off your next Online Shop order. We love to hear how our customers are getting on with their AutoPot kits and offer advice and tips to help you get the best results all year round, so do email us and happy snapping!

New AutoPot PropertyThe AutoPot Team are happy to announce we have a brand new home! We have moved to an office in Bagshot, Surrey with more space to accommodate our ever growing business.

Since we launched the Customer photo offer in May we have received a brilliant array of photos sent in from our customers all over the country. So firstly a big thank you to everyone who has sent in their photographs of their greenhouses, flowerbeds and innovative growing solutions using AutoPot. We have been really impressed with the entries and will soon be launching a Customer Gallery on the website, so watch this space for the AutoPot Customer Hall of Fame coming soon. The 10% discount photo offer continues throughout the summer, so do keep sending in your photos and details of your AutoPot grows.

Ian Pearman (Above) in Harpenden shows the before and after stages of growing tomatoes in a third perlite, two third compost mix using the easy2grow system.
Ian McKinley (Above) is growing a range of tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies and peppers using the AutoPot easy2grow system and harvested rainwater.

Mia Tomlins (Above) in Abingdon growing her tomatoes successfully in the AutoPot equipment.
Tim Ingram (Left) took this photo in May, he's using the new AQUAbox Spyder to grow beans using homemade compost with great success.

For the last month AutoPot has been working with our web designers to create a retailer and distributor Resource Centre.  This will contain everything needed to supply AutoPot to your customer base. From instruction sheets in a range of languages for all our products, commercial growing information, marketing material, product details and step by step animations. The Resource Centre has everything distributors and retailers of AutoPot require to be a successful and informative re-seller. To gain access to the Resource centre, simply email us for the username.

FTP Area

FlagsAutoPot’s international presence continues to grow, with two Finnish distributors joining since the last newsletter, Chilitarvike and Asennus Vate. AutoPot are also pleased to announce that we now have two distributors in Spain, our original distributor HortiTech is now joined by Plantasur. Since AutoPot visited Spain earlier in the year our customer base in Spain continues to grow from strength to strength. AutoPot’s international customer base is going further and further afield with Hydro Grow, another Israeli distributor added to the AutoPot international contingent. AutoPot systems are perfect for use in the Middle East where the climate is arid and hot, the AutoPot systems permit successful commercial grows where the users can be sure the plants will have all they need supplied to them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In locations where water is scarce and a valued premium, AutoPot really is the system of choice as there is no water wastage or run off, ensuring our environmental credentials are some of the best in the irrigation market.

FlexiTankAutoPot are pleased to announce we have added a new and exciting product to our range. The AutoPot FlexiTank revolutionises water storage, it is everything you need in one compact box. It requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage and shipping costs and takes minutes to assemble. It really couldn’t be simpler. Unlike other waterbutts and barrels, the AutoPot Flexi Tank can be stored away when not used, can fit where other tanks cannot go and is adaptable in ways standard tanks are not. At present we are offering the FlexiTank in a 225 litre size, but in the near future we will be offering 100, 225 and 350 litres sizes to suit growers of all scales.

To purchase the AutoPot FlexiTank for the great price of £39.95 please click here (UK only).

  • Box size and weight - 80x18x13cm/3kg
  • Fits where other tanks cannot go
  • Easy to ship and store
  • Capacity 225 litres

Dear AutoPot Customer,

Firstly Happy Easter to everyone, we hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine in your gardens. We are pleased to see the good weather and growing season finally arrive to a great start!

In this edition of the newsletter we cover the following news from AutoPot;

  • May Offers for all customers
  • Gambia Visit
  • Fez Herbs Update
  • Holiday Inn proposal in the Maldives
  • New Distributors
AutoPot Offers

AutoPot Customer Photo Gallery Offer:

Blue CameraWe are offering all our customers 10% off their online shop order if they email us photographs of their AutoPot set ups and equipment. We are keen to see all our customers hard work and growing this summer, so are creating a customer gallery on the website where all of your photos will be displayed.  To gain the 10% discount email in your photos and details of your set up, i.e what you are growing, what medium you are growing in, any tips you have etc. to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will then send you a unique promotional code to be used when you place your order as a way of saying thank you. Whether it’s the AQUAboxSpyder in your raised beds or growing your tomatoes in the easy2grow system we would love to see how you are all getting along with your AutoPot irrigation systems so email us your pictures and be rewarded with 10% off your next Online Shop order.

Introduce a FriendRecommend a Friend Offer:

If you are an existing AutoPot customer and you recommend a friend to us, you will both receive 10% off your next order from the AutoPot Online Shop.  Simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details and email address and your friend’s details and email address and we will email you with a unique promotional code, which can be used at the Online Shop to obtain your 10% discount!


Gambia FlagAutoPot’s founder and CEO Jason Ralph Smith recently visited Gambia to build business relationships and networks there.  The AutoPot technology is perfect for use in Gambia and other countries throughout Africa. As it does not require power, pumps or timers to operate, simple gravity pressure from a tank or water butt is all that is required. It is an environmentally sustainable system with low maintenance that is perfect for this climate.  The visit was a great success on all fronts, with both the commercial and NGO sectors showing keen interest in the products.  AutoPot  are now in talks with both charitable organisations to supply our irrigation systems to their projects and businesses to establish commercial set ups within Gambia.

Feedback from Gambian Charitable Organisations on the AutoPot products and Little Growers scheme:

"What I like about the Little Growers project is that the children will not only learn from growing their own crops and gain some income, but they will also be learning about a new technology, and in this way become the catalysts for change in the community."

"I am convinced that the AutoPot system is a very good weapon in the fight against poverty and hunger (our motto) here in the sub-Saharan countries. Especially the simplicity of your system, the fact that no electricity is needed, the fact that your system can be left unattended for some time, hardly maintenance is needed, the simple handling of it are convincing."

Fez Herbs Commercial Set Up

Fez HerbsIn the last newsletter we informed you about a local herb growing company, Fez Herbs utilising the AutoPot easy2grow and 1pot system on a commercial scale. As well as commercially growing herbs they also work with a number of restaurants in the area to grow their own herbs using the AutoPot systems. 

The Fez Herb team set up each restaurant with AutoPot Systems. Where the chefs grow their own herbs, ensuring they have a constant supply of fresh, home grown produce for their restaurants.  They have now expanded their set up to 500 pots, as shown in the pictures, this is a unique and exciting venture that utilises AutoPot’s full potential to supply everything the plant needs for a bumper crop.

Holiday Inn Maldives in Talks with AutoPot


News StoryKandooma is a Maldivian resort, that is run by the Holiday Inn chain. They are in the process of establishing a commercial greenhouse and trialing AutoPot products to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruit to supply the hotel’s restaurants and guests.


At present they grow spinach, chive, basil, lemon grass, thyme, mint, plus some varieties of vegetables.  However they purchase the majority of the hotel’s produce from Dubai at very expensive rates which is both financially and environmentally unsustainable. They are very keen and interested in using AutoPot products to grow all produce in house at the hotel. With trials of both the AQUAbox Spyder and pot systems in the pipeline and a visit to our commercial greenhouse in the Maldives organised, we are sure that this will be the first of many hotel partnerships within the Maldivian islands.

The Kandomma resort are also going to be providing financial support to the Little Growers program in the Maldives. This will facilitate even more schools to grow their own produce using the AutoPot systems and in the future this produce can then be used to supply the hotel chain, creating a revenue for the schools.

New Distributors

AutoPot are pleased to announce we have welcomed five new distributors since our last newsletter, with our international presence growing every month.

Flag Distributor Flag Distributor Flag Distributor Flag Distributor Flag Distributor
Innigardar, Reykjavick
Plant Ex & Hydrogarden
Alegre, Athens
DHH Trading

Until the next issue - Happy growing for the Summer of 2011 and don’t forget to send us your AutoPot photographs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive your 10% discount!

Best Wishes,

Jason Ralph-Smith

AutoPot Founder

Free Delivery and 10% off


AutoPot has grown successfully from a UK based irrigation company to now supplying commercial and domestic growers, schools and businesses from the Maldives, Japan and South Africa to Iceland and Israel… we really are spreading our roots worldwide.  We have grown in every sense of the word in the last ten years, from our product range and innovation, to our presence in the international market, to notoriety and brand awareness. 

To celebrate ten years of AutoPot we are offering: free delivery and 10% off all UK orders above £30 made via our UK Online Shop throughout the month of April… please visit to take advantage of our anniversary offer!

To receive your discount simply enter '10years' in the coupon code box at the checkout. If you do not enter the code when placing your order, you cannot receive the discount. Once the order has been placed, if the code has not been stated in the coupon code box, no discount will be given.

AutoPot would like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers and supporters over the last ten years, long may it continue!

Best Wishes,Facebook Icon

AutoPot Staff

* Please note that this offer is available to UK and Northern Ireland customers only.

Little Josh

Little Josh

A big hello from everyone at the AutoPot team, we are gearing up for Spring in the office, with a new product being introduced, press and trade shows to showcase AutoPot to our increasing audiences and of course the annual spring clean to prepare for the growing season!

In this edition, we cover the following news from AutoPot:

AutoPot News

The Garden Press Event 2011 Jump to top

AutpoPot at The Garden Press Event 2011

We attended the annual Garden Press Event at the RHS Horticultural Halls in London on February 3rd. It was a successful day for the team, with connections made and the new AQUAbox Spyder well received by the range of journalists in attendance. Miracle Grow expressed a keen interest in using the AQUAbox Spyder in up and coming trials of their products to ensure the irrigation aspect of their trials are consistent. Gardener's World received samples of the AQUAbox Spyder so we will update you with feedback from them in the next newsletter. This was the first time AutoPot had showcased at the event and the products and concept were received with great interest and an appreciation for the simplicity and uniqueness of what AutoPot offers to the horticultural industry.

AutoPot News

AutoPot re-establishes its roots in BarbadosJump to top

AutoPot in BarbadosAutoPot in BarbadosWe informed you in the last newsletter that AutoPot had arrived in Barbados, with a commercial grower using 2Pot extension kits to grow a range of produce to supply local markets and hotels. The new venture was yielding great results however due to the devastating Typhoon that hit Barbados the large commercial polytunnel was destroyed. Although a real set back for the growing team in Barbados, we are pleased to announce that the Typhoon has not dampened their enthusiasm or commitment and the AutoPot set up in Barbados is now getting back on its feet.

We will have more photographs and updates on their progress soon, so watch this space. AutoPot not only survived the Typhoon but has come back stronger as a result in Barbados!

AutoPot News

AutoPot continues to grow from strength to strength in the MaldivesJump to top


The AutoPot scheme in the Maldives is being received with great interest by a range of growers as well as schools in the region. We have had a number of growers in the area contact us about purchasing AutoPot as a result of Mohammed Zahid's commercial set up show casing AutoPot to the residents of the Maldives. Mr Zahid is growing chillies as his main crop as the price per kilogram is around $30 USD. As you can see from the photographs the project is taking root and developing well.

AutoPot in the Maldives AutoPot in the Maldives AutoPot in the Maldives

AutoPot News

Stop the Press... The AQUAbox Spyder has arrived! Jump to top

As we mentioned in the previous newsletter AutoPot was preparing to launch our brand new and truly innovative product, the AQUABOX Spyder, which is designed to irrigate raised beds, allotments and flower beds. We are extremely proud and excited at AutoPot to launch the AQUAbox Spyder which is a development of the original AQUAbox Straight. The product is a truly unique addition to the irrigation market, with no other company offering this remarkable solution to raised bed, grow bag and in ground irrigation. The animations below will take you through exactly how it works, the AQUAbox Spyder utilises capillary matting through 12 points to provide everything the plants need...

View the AutoPot AQUAbox Spyder Animation - How It Works | View the AutoPot AQUAbox Spyder Animation - Step by Step

  How it Works...
AutoPot Check Mark

The AQUAbox Spyder is positioned directly into the ground, making it ideal for watering conventional beds or the increasingly popular raised beds.

AutoPot Check Mark

A series of capillary wicks fan out from the AQUAbox Spyder distributing water under the soil, across an area of up to 1.2sq/m.

AutoPot Check Mark

With the AQUAvalve at its core, the AQUAbox Spyder draws on the water supply (water butt or tank) as required by the plants, ensuring a fantastically efficient use of water.

AutoPot Check Mark

The plants roots instinctively head towards the water source, attaching themselves to the capillary wicks below the soil level. The 19.5cm diameter AQUAbox Spyder is supplied with 2 metres of 6mm pipe and a reducing connector with integral filter, allowing simple connection to a water butt tap via a section of standard garden hosepipe (not supplied).


AutoPot AQUAbox SpyderAQUAbox Spyder


View more information and purchase the AQUAbox Spyder at the AutoPot Online Shop

AutoPot News

Launching the AQUAbox Spyder with a SPECIAL OFFER....Jump to top

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To celebrate the launch of the AQUAbox Spyder AutoPot are offering an exclusive discounted price for a limited time period and FREE DELIVERY on all AQUAbox Kits in February and March. Be sure to take us up on our generous offer and see for yourself how well the new product irrigates raised beds, grow bags and in ground growing.

The normal price for the AQUAbox Spyder is £24.99, however to celebrate the launch of our exciting new product there will be a 20% saving including free delivery until the end of March. The AQUAbox Spyder will be only £19.50 including free delivery so don't wait order yours today via the AutoPot Online Shop or call 0844 858 1520.

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AutoPot welcomes a new distributor in ParisJump to top

AutoPot in France
AutoPot are pleased to announce we have a new distributor in Paris, to add to the ever increasing AutoPot presence across Europe.
The range of shops are L'Or Vert and are bringing AutoPot to the capital city.
Explore the Distributors & Retailers area of our website for more information on AutoPot's outlets.

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Fez Herbs utilise AutoPot in their innovative Restaurant SchemeJump to top

AutoPot 2Pot SystemAutoPot recently met with Fez Herbs in Surrey to discuss their one of a kind growing initiative. The company uses AutoPot 2Pot extension kits alongside the 1Pot system on a commercial scale to grow a wide variety of herbs to supply restaurants. As well as commercially growing herbs they also work with a number of restaurants in the area to grow their own herbs using the AutoPot systems. The Fez Herb team set up each restaurant with AutoPot 2Pot systems, where the chefs grow their own herbs, ensuring they have a constant supply of fresh, home grown produce for their restaurants. AutoPot are pleased to announce Fez Herbs will be increasing the scale of both their commercial set up and restaurant initiative by installing more AutoPot systems.

It is great to see a company utilising our systems both commercially but also to facilitate restaurants to grow for themselves and become self sustainable in some of the produce they use. The uniqueness of the system allows the plants to be replaced when exhausted by the restaurants and simply replaced with a new one.
Growing Herbs with AutoPot Watering Systems

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AutoPot arrives on Facebook!Jump to top

AutoPot at Facebook!



Last but not least... AutoPot has taken the plunge and joined Facebook. Please take a look and join our page, where you will be updated on latest products, offers and news from the AutoPot team. As we are new to Facebook we need all of our customers and friends to join the AutoPot page to really get the ball rolling and the announcements heard - Visit AutoPot's Facebook page here!

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Jason Ralph-Smith - Director (AutoPot)


We'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2011 from all at AutoPot Watering Systems!