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autopot-logo-usa-bold-auto-facebookWe decided due to the demand of the products within the UK and Europe, that we’d launch a US version of AutoPot within America, AutoPot Watering Systems USA. We began making plans for AutoPot Watering Systems USA in April 2012 and put together a business plan to commence business in July 2012.

We chose to introduce two of our best selling products to the US market to begin with, The 4Pot System supplied in newly designed, full colour retail packaging and the unique collapsible FlexiTank range.

Although AutoPot products have been available in the USA for quite some time, we believe it is time for an official company to be formed to ensure the AutoPot products prosper and where better to start than in the sunny state of California. The objective over the coming months is to promote the two product ranges with a view to introducing new product lines in 2013.

Indoor Gardening Expos

AutoPot Watering Systems USA will be making its first appearance at the Indoor Gardening Expo in San Francisco this July. We decided exhibiting here would be a great opportunity to introduce AutoPot to the United States to boost our profile and most importantly make our products known!

The show takes place at the San Francisco Concourse Centre on 21 and 22 July, and will feature expert advice from leading innovators from around the globe, so we’re extremely pleased to be exhibiting. We will be displaying the 4Pot System and FlexiTanks in the following capacities: 25, 60 and 105 gallon.



In preparation for our launch in the USA, we decided to redesign the 4Pot System’s retail packaging to make the product even more appealing to the market. After countless designs, we finally decided on a pale green background to stay in keeping with the ‘green industry’ with blue to represent the AutoPot brand and yellow to add brightness. The packaging itself offers layout options and shows instructions, contents of the box, tips/hints and images of the system. We think it’s an eye catching design and hope that the USA market will be eager to see what’s inside!





We have some new distributors to add to our growing list of countries we’re trading in around the world. AutoPot are now trading in Russia, and have our first distributors in Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. This will be AutoPot’s first entrance into the Middle East, and will be a real test for our systems in the extreme climate. Although the environment in the Middle East is somewhat different to the other countries we currently trade in, we are confident that AutoPot will be a success.

Kuwait-Flag Russia_Flag United-Arab-Emirates

Since the beginning of 2012, we have been growing a variety of plants, predominantly chillies using the easy2grow extension kit. The seeds were germinated in January and raised indoors until early March, when they were put outside on heated benches. In mid April, they were potted up into the 8.5 litre pots and placed in a warm area within the greenhouse. Due to the terrible weather that we've had through April, May and June, we had to keep the plants in a warm area delaying us putting them into the 2Pot trays. Towards the end of May, we placed the 1000 potted chillies in the easy2grow extension trays to grow in the main greenhouse area. In the smaller area of the green house, we are growing Thai Aubergines, Thai Birds Eye Chillies, Thai Melons and Tomatoes. We’re hoping the weather will improve as we’re 6-8 weeks behind schedule, but unfortunately it is not something we can control. If the weather brightens up over the next 3-4 months we can yield the 2-3 kilos that we expected at the start of the year but everything is dependant on weather.

April 2012
June 2012
Brill_View_-_before Brill_View_-_after

Valley Grown Nurseries began on 19 December 2011 and we intended to plant up Palermo Red Peppers. In January, we thought that the plants were suffering some kind of deficiency and treated them with various additives, none of which worked. We later discovered in March, that we had actually planted orange and yellow Palermo Peppers. The varieties of coloured peppers grow differently, so there was no deficiency at all. Peppers, both orange and yellow are growing well and are between 10-14ft tall and yielding as expected. We are saving between 40-50% of the water and feed compared to the drip irrigation system that is next to our trial. To see a video diary of the Valley Grown Nurseries Trial, please visit

January 2012
July 2012
VGN-before1 VGN_-_after



1potThe 1Pot XL will be available in September 2012. This new design has been created due to the Worldwide demand. The 1Pot XL incorporates a new clam shaped tray and a huge 25 litre pot. Unlike the other AutoPot existing pots, this is a square-round pot. The reason for it being designed this way is to allow the grower to rotate the pot easily when full.


assembly_-_small_box Square_to_round_pot

Due to popular demand AutoPot are extending the easy2grow offers that ran throughout March and April for the whole of May, this will be the final month you can snap up this bargain so don’t hesitate! With all the glorious sunshine hopefully on its way again and hosepipe ban in force, there is no better time to purchase an easy2grow kit or extend your current easy2grow systems.

For the month of May you can receive significant discounts on the easy2grow range from our Online Shop. Not only will you save considerably but it is the perfect time to set up your AutoPot system before summer gets underway. The easy2grow range is now available to purchase in black as well as the original green, please visit our online shop to see for yourself.

If you have any questions regarding the easy2grow range or would like assistance with your order please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on (+1) 562 612 4182.

The commercial trial using our easy2grow systems continues to thrive, the peppers are now forming on the plants and both varieties are looking great. There are several new videos on the AutoPot site narrated by the CEO of AutoPot, Jason Ralph Smith, updating you on the trial’s progress and helpful hints and tips. There is also a live stream video of the pepper trial, so please do take a look. The peppers are now beginning to be harvested and this trial continues with great success.


Brill View Nurseries


AutoPot’s commercial trial at Brill View Nurseries is well underway, since we last updated you in February’s newsletter, the plants are now developed, the pots and substrate in place and the chilli plants flourishing. The chillies from the trial will be sold to the local community. There is now also an area within the AutoPot site dedicated to the Brill View Trial, click here to see for yourself how well it is doing. We are growing one thousand chilli plants using 500 of the easy2grow systems ready for harvest in July.

Brill View

AutoPot would like to say a huge thank you to Mark and the team at Plagron for their generous donation of coco for the Brill View Nurseries trial. We received the pallet of Plagron substrate at the start of April and it has been used to pot up some of the chilli plants within the trial. Plagron is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of high quality organic products. They are a leading company with a wide range of substrates, fertilizers and additives. More than twenty years of experience has ensured that they have grown from a small worm farm into an international company that is in the top of the market. A big thank you from everyone at AutoPot to Plagron for their generous donation!

AutoPot are pleased to announce we are working on a brand new product, the AutoPot 1Pot XL! The all new 1Pot XL will have a 25 litre pot increasing our range from a 15 litre pot supplied with the normal 1Pot module or the 8.5 litre that comes with the easy2grow systems. AutoPot have made the decision to develop this product after numerous requests from customers for a larger volume pot version of our current systems. This will allow AutoPot users to grow larger shrubs and plant varieties. AutoPot are aiming for the 1Pot XL to be available from July. You will be able to purchase it from our online shop and our UK and overseas distributors.

FlexiTankAs we informed you in the last newsletter the all new redesigned FlexiTanks are now available and selling like hotcakes! We are pleased to announce that as well as the 100 and 225 litre FlexiTanks, a brand new 400 Litre FlexiTank is now available. It is available to purchase from our online shop, Nutriculture and Growth Technology. The retail price for the 400 Litre tank is £109.95. With the hosepipe bans and drought pressing heavily on gardeners’ minds and limiting water availability, the 400 litre FlexiTank is the perfect solution, it can be used to collect and store water over the summer months without wasting a single drop. For more info on the FlexiTank, you can visit here or purchase your own tank here.

Glee LogoAutoPot will be exhibiting at Glee this year for the first time, Glee is the largest UK Garden Centre Trade show and will be held between 17th and 19th September at the NEC Birmingham. To register for free to attend GLEE please click here. AutoPot have attended, as visitors, for many years and our products have featured on other companies’ stands, however 2012 is the year we have decided to exhibit ourselves. We will be showing the full AutoPot range and have already started planning how to make our space as engaging and innovative as possible. 2012 so far has been a great year for AutoPot in the garden centre market so we are hoping that GLEE will make it even better by spreading our message to more buyers, customers and companies in the garden centre arena.

AutoPot is now available in Notcutts Bagshot! The easy2grow kit has been available at our local Notcutts store for three months now and is selling extremely well. Notcutts are trialling the AutoPot range in this store, and as it is going so well it is looking like the range will be rolled out in stores across the country. This is great news for AutoPot as our systems are perfect for the garden centre sector and it is a market we are keen to develop in.

As we informed you in February’s newsletter we are now working with an amazing sustainability project in Tuvalu. AutoPot are looking to solve a huge problem that exists in Tuvalu pronounced "too-VAH-loo" a small group of islands in the South Pacific region. The islands have no natural water and rely on rainfall to provide the 5,000 people who live on the islands with a water supply. Due to climate change in recent years there has been less rainfall leading to a water crisis. Last year the New Zealand and Australian governments were flying containers of water to the islands and declared Tuvalu in a state of emergency. Add to this the rising sea levels that have been flooding the agricultural land that prevents the Tuvaluans growing their own produce. Tuvalu is the one of the lowest lying areas of land in the world with a maximum height of less than 2 metres above sea level.

How can we help?

We are running a charitable campaign for Tuvalu that we would love you to donate to.

We are looking to raise around £30,000 to set up a 6,000+ pot system to grow a variety of crops. This is not a huge sum of money but something that could really make a difference to the people of Tuvalu. The money raised will be used to make a real difference to the people of Tuvalu and will provide fresh and sustainable produce all year round at  a time when food security is extremely low. If you would like to donate to this much needed project please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 084485851520.

To find out more about this amazing and much needed project please click here. There is a 6-minute video, which I urge you to watch.

I really hope you can be part of this great project and a very worthy cause, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Special OfferAutoPot are pleased to announce that for the month of February we will be offering free delivery on all orders over £30 from our UK online shop. This applies to UK Mainland orders only. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of free delivery, with everyone ordering their equipment for the growing season and ensuring you have everything you need to make this your best harvest yet! This means you can order bulkier items such as the easy2grow liquid feed and larger AutoPot systems without worrying about the additional cost of delivery.

Time LapseThe Valley Grown Nurseries AutoPot Trial is now established and being streamed live here, the trial was set up at the end of December and is thriving already. AutoPot narrated videos are also available which explain the progression of the trial and time elapsed video shows the development of the pepper plants step by step.

There are 88 pots in total, using 2 rows of 44 AutoPot easy2grow systems, each supplied by a 225 litre waterbutt. Two varieties of peppers are being grown; the Palermo pepper and the California Block red. The trial is being monitored 24 hours a day with live streamed video so you can view the trial at whatever time you wish. Aeroponic technology is also being utilised within the trial to demonstrate how effective the AutoPot systems are even when a medium is not used. Valley Grown Nurseries is one of the largest commercial nurseries in the country, supplying peppers to major supermarket chains including Waitrose; watch this space for great results, tips and advice on how to get the most from one of the market leading growing systems in the UK.AutoPot Trial Picture

Gold Label

AutoPot would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Canna and Gold Label for donating their premium coco to the trial. Both companies donated their mediums for use at the trial and were extremely helpful in organising delivery and what medium would be best to use. When watching the narrated videos Canna’s pots can be seen to the right and Gold Label’s to the left. A great big thank you from everyone at AutoPot to both companies for their generous donations.


FlagAutoPot are now working with a project in Tuvalu, which is an island off the north-west coast of Australia. Tuvalu is comprised of nine coral islands, it is one of the world's lowest lying nations, with less than four metres above sea level at its highest point. In recent times, the "king tides” have been the highest in memory, swamping many of the islands and hastening erosion and the salt water intrusion that is making soil infertile. In just the past dozen years, Tuvalu has reported sea level rises of 10 centimetres. With most Tuvaluans living just one or two metres above sea level, experts say much of the island chain may be underwater in 50 years. More than 4,000 people have already left the islands to live in New Zealand.

Our client in Tuvalu, Jeremy Blishen explains ‘The acute need for fresh food is easy for all to see. The stores on the island are completely devoid of fresh vegetables and canned goods are also running low.’ Water shortages due to serious droughts are now also a key concern, this combined with a lack of usable land on the island is causing serious concern.

Jeremy’s project involves leasing land in Tuvalu to create an agricultural site where he aims to have 2000 plants, to grow a variety of crops including pok choi, cabbage, lettuces, cucumbers and tomatoes. He contacted AutoPot initially because of the water efficiency of the systems, not one of drop of water is wasted in our systems. By using the AutoPots not only is water conservation at it upmost, crop failures from recent droughts will also be combated by involving the local community in growing their own crops in a sustainable and environmentally friendly growing system.

Jeremy is having meetings with the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources as well as the Deputy Prime Minister to discuss the project and get it off the ground as soon as possible. He is hoping that with additional support from the government the project will be able to help even more people. The simplicity of the AutoPot technology is ideal for this project, it means that the locals can grow their own produce and learn how to utilise the technology to their advantage quickly and easily.

Caledonia FlagAutoPot in New Caledonia continues to go from strength to strength. A local farmer who is one of the largest tomato producers in the country (approximately 4 hectares of greenhouses) recently purchased AutoPot kits for testing. For the first tests, he temporarily placed a 200 litre tank, at about 50cm high with one row of easy2grow extensions and a row of 1Pot modules, each line is approximately 25 meters long. As a professional farmer, he uses his own hydro fertilisers and bags of coco fibre instead of the pots. As you can see from the photographs there is 1 tomato plant per 8.5 litre pot and 2 per 15 litre 1pot module.

He has been extremely pleased with the results in comparison to his standard growing method. It is great to see a new project in the region and that AutoPot is reaching further and further around the world.Caledonia Update

<p><img title="Flexi Tank Logo" alt="Flexi Tank Logo" src="" style="float: right;" align="right" hspace="5" />AutoPot are extremely pleased to announce that we have redesigned the <a target="_blank" title="Flexi Tank" href="">FlexiTank</a>. Although the first product initially did what we required of it, we were not happy with the quality and reliability. We therefore started from scratch and redesigned the tank, with Paul our Marketing and Sales Director visiting China twice to work alongside our manufacturers to ensure superior quality and design for the second product. We couldn’t be happier with the result the all new FlexiTank is made with a softer more malleable material, so the seals and bonds are of far superior quality; they now come in the lovely AutoPot blue, with water level marks to let you know how full your tank is. We originally offered the FlexiTank in 225 litres but we now offer it in the 100 litre size. This is ideal for smaller scale growers who have limited space in their polytunnels or gardens. It fits in a box size of only 74x18x13cm and weighs 1.9kg this significantly reduces shipping costs and storage for retailers.</p>

<p>For more information please visit the <a target="_blank" title="Flexi Tank Website" href="">FlexiTank website</a>.</p>

<p><img title="Flexi Tank" alt="Flexi Tank" src="" /></p>

AutoPot will be exhibiting in Barcelona this month between the 24th and the 26th at one of their largest trade fairs. We exhibited last year, however this year we have near doubled our stand area and will have new products, gadgets and literature on show. We look forward to catching up with our European distributors and building our connections and market in Spain for 2012.

Chilli Birds Eye ViewAutoPot are pleased to announce that we will be conducting a trial at the farm site in Oxfordshire. We will be growing one thousand chilli plants using 500 of the easy2grow systems from April ready for harvest in July We predict that we will harvest 2kg per plant, with a total harvest of 2 tonnes. We will be using the easy2grow liquid feed and coco medium for this trial. We hope to exceed previous trials at the farm site this year.

AutoPot has sponsored Chris for some time now and he continues to excel in all disciplines of his shooting career. Featured in January’s edition of Clay Pigeon Shooting Association magazine, Chris came second in the Sportrap discipline, with an average of 92.1 and eleventh in the Sporting category with an average of 91.8. He is a rising star in the UK Clay Pigeon Shooting circuit and continues to rise through the rankings both nationally and in Europe.