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Like a waiter with a gigantic pepper mill full of photos that stretches to us all the way from Devon Cliff Hyslop, aka DevonChilliMan, has seasoned our office with snaps of his beautifully ordered greenhouses. Its either the pepper mill or else he’s used the internet. Cliff’s three immaculately turned-out greenhouses are separately sponsored by Dutchpro, CANNA and BioTabs. As is patently obvious Cliff’s chilli plants are thriving down there under the Devon sun.

Devon Chilli Man

Devon Chilli Man

This year’s summer weather has been ‘quirky’ to put it politely which has meant some delays followed by sudden growth impetus. In these conditions more than ever it’s about ‘the little things’ and Cliff attributes much of his success to attention to detail. His Grower’s Diary here contains a great deal on the intricacies of chilli cultivation in the UK and some really good insights on growth phases, nutrient uptake and staying on top of pH shifts.

The bulk of Cliff’s crop is currently comprised of Carolina Reapers the very same chillies certified by Guinness as the world’s hottest. Not only do Cliff’s chillies enjoy the limelight as the show pieces of his greenhouses, they enjoy a double life, just like The Caped Crusader or a Twix. Once harvested the chillies form a key part of Devon Chilli Man’s special sauces and seasonings. These include the doubtlessly light-hearted ‘Death at The Crimson Altar’, the monarch bamboozling ‘King Reaper Pickle’, the Korma Werewolf slaying silver bullet aka ‘Keyring Capsule’, and the theologically divisive ‘The Preacher’ and ‘Gospel Preacher’. Shop for Devon Chilli Man’s sauces, seasonings and more here.

Devon Chilli Man

Christmas Spirit

Now that we’re into December we’re officially allowed to talk about Christmas! This year we’re feeling particularly festive and have decided to run not one, but two amazing Christmas promotions! Throughout the entire month of December we are offering free delivery, UK only, with every order over £25.00 placed online or over the phone. Your Christmas shopping just got cheaper!


Our second Christmas promotion is a Facebook competition. Some of you may remember our 12 days of Christmas Facebook giveaway last year, where we gave away over £2,000 worth of prizes to some of our lucky Facebook followers as a way of thanking everyone for their support. The giveaway was a huge success and we’re going to do something similar this Christmas, so make sure that you follow us on Facebook, keep any eye on our page and join in the merriment!

Middle east

With our Christmas free delivery promotion under way, it makes sense to sit back, relax and order a few of your Christmas gifts from our online shop, all from the comfort of your armchair! If you’re stuck for ideas on what to get for a green fingered loved one, then here’s 5 ideas to suit any budget...

5. 4Pot System – £98.95 - if you’re feeling generous then our boxed 4Pot System would look mightily impressive sat under the tree on Christmas morn. A real treat for any gardener!

4. FlexiTank 100L - £45.00 – imagine the look on your loved ones face when they unwrap this unassuming rectangular box to reveal an innovative, collapsible water storage solution!

3. easy2grow Kit – £44.00 - a complete system for your loved one to grow two of their favourite plants. Just add growing media, nutrients and the plants!

2. AQUAbox Spyder - £27.45 – keeps a raised bed or border fully irrigated all season long, covers an area of up to 1.2m2. What a gift!

1. easy2GO Holiday Watering Kit - £19.95 – the recipient of this gift can go away on holiday next year safe in the knowledge that they’ll return home to happy, healthy plants! Purchase with a litre of our easy2grow liquid fertiliser at £7.10 and you’ll qualify for free delivery... then give the fertiliser as a stocking filler!

Click any of the products for more information and to visit our online shop.

Chilli farm

It has been a while since we paid Mam a visit at her chilli farm near Southport, so we thought we’d better pop in and see how things had progressed before the season comes to a close. We’ve noticed from talking to many chilli growers that this year their plants have been a little behind compared to previous seasons, mainly due to the cooler weather at the start of the season. Mam has experienced the same, but her plants are certainly looking good now with plenty of ripe fruits on her super-hot varieties. Just look at those pods! Well done Mam, we’re looking forward to next year!

Chilli farm

RD update

We recently discovered that our grow room has been visited by tiny annoying visitors... aphids! As many of you know, these little sap suckers can cause havoc with your plants. We’re all about natural control rather than pesticides here at AutoPot, so we needed an eco-friendly (but not aphid friendly!) solution to control these pesky insect from damaging our plants. Step forward our flying friend, the parasitic wasp. These little critters take great pleasure in laying their eggs inside their aphid prey. You can guess what happens next! Brutal, but effective... and just how nature intended!

Chilli Man

A huge congratulations to our friend Cliff Hyslop, aka DevonChilliMan, who we’ve just heard has scooped the Chilli Foundry’s chilli grower of the year award. Great work Cliff!

Chilli Man

AutoPot Walls

Elena over at our Spanish office in Barcelona has recently started to collaborate with Babilon, a locally based engineering company who specialise in vertical gardening on a colossal scale!

They are very interested in the benefits our systems offer, in particular; their environmental sustainability, silent operation and low maintenance, so they are testing them to see if they can ease the hard work of keeping their 14 metre high wall installations irrigated.

Our AQUAboxes seem well suited to the task of watering vertical installations as they function on gravity pressure alone and irrigate using capillary matting. We will keep you informed and hope to soon share the first images of a “climbing” AutoPot system. Exciting stuff!

AutoPot Walls


Jason and Dan have been stateside again, this time promoting our irrigation technology to the lovely people of Nevada and the surrounding states. They exhibited at a conference in Las Vegas where they were joined by Marcel and Maren from AutoPot USA.

Highlights of the trip include; the wonderful Wynn hotel, Jason attempting three giant pancakes (even after the waitress insisted two would be enough) and Dan falling in love… with Marcel’s 5.2litre Chevrolet Suburban! Which he got to drive all week! Oh, and the trade show was great too, we met lots of fantastic people and picked up more US commercial contracts! We’ll be stateside again in the New Year.


Old School

As much as we love trying new things and experimenting, we have found that sometimes the old favourites are the best! We have been using Epsom Salt on our plants for many years. A dose of Epsom Salt – magnesium sulphate – can give your plants a nice healthy boost if they seem a little down.

The magnesium is used for chlorophyll production, strengthening plant cell walls and most importantly increases the uptake of key nutritional elements. The sulphur enables the plants to produce essential vitamins, proteins and hormones, and it also helps to produce flavour when growing vegetables. It’s immediately available to the plant, so when you water it into the roots or spray it onto the leaves, you’ll see the results quickly. Give it a go next time your plants seem a little down.

Middle east

Last month we had a great time exhibiting at the IPM Expo Middle East, which was held at the fabulous World Trade Centre in Dubai. We showcased our full range of watering systems and met fantastic people from landscapers to commercial growers to home owners, who were all very keen to find out about the water saving attributes and yield benefits of our technology. We even met dignitaries who were visiting from Kuwait!

In the weeks following the expo we secured a couple of interesting commercial contracts and will post further information soon. We very much look forward to heading back to the UAE in the New Year.

Middle east

Our good friend Cliff Hyslop, AKA the Devonchilliman, has been working hard alongside the inmates of HMP Channings Wood and is starting to see some real progress in the poly tunnels. As you can see from the images, the plants are thriving! Catch up with Cliff’s progress via his Facebook page here.

Cliff Prison

Following the success of our Summer Festival, the fine fellows at Garden Culture Magazine asked us to put a few words together to feature in their publication. We were happy to oblige and they dedicated a page to the event in their recent issue.

If you’re an AutoPot trade customer, then don’t forget to add 2016’s Festival to your diary – August 13th – 14th.

,p>Check out the latest issue of Garden Culture here and check their Facebook page here for the latest developments in urban gardening. Thanks for the feature guys!

Garden magazine

AutoPot usa

A TV news feature? A billboard in Times Square? A national press conference? If you checked out our Facebook page last month, you’d be forgiven for thinking that AutoPot are taking over the USA!

Well, actually, our US Director, Marcel, was having a little play on Photoshop and April Fools seemed a long way off! But, who knows? As more and more growers decide to save water and increase their yields, maybe this time next year… we’ll be on a Times Square billboard!

The big time


If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, please log-on and get involved, we have given away over £2,000 in prizes since the beginning of the year, with giveaways running every month! It’s also the best place for up to the minute tips, advice and updates on what is going on in the industry. Click here to take a look at our Facebook Page.

New Products

As you probably already know, we put a lot of effort into R&D here at AutoPot and like nothing more than to tinker with new products and think of ways to improve existing ones. Over the next couple of months our on-the-road team will be demonstrating some new product ideas during their visits.

If you’re a UK retailer and would like a visit from your AutoPot rep email Moon if you’re North of Birmingham – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – or email Dozza if you’re based in Birmingham or the South – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The guys will be happy to pay you a visit and get your feedback on some potential new products.


The team are heading to Las Vegas this month, promoting our products at a commercial expo in the Mojave Desert.
Things are moving from strength to strength for us in the US, particularly on the commercial side. More news to follow!

Leah Eden

Last month we visited growers in Devon and Cornwall. Leah in the office took her chilli loving husband down to meet Cliff Hyslop (Devonchilliman), to have a look around his glass house and collect some superb chillies and hot sauces!

Jason was also in the area and managed to pop in to see the team at The Eden Project, where we have an AutoPot display showing off the last of the season’s tomato plants. Jason then popped in to see our customers Dorrit and Barbara, who have an ingenious way of blending their FlexiTank in with the rest of the garden!

We look forward to another visit soon.



Please join us in welcoming our latest recruit Dan (yes, another Dan) Mooney. Moon (as he is referred to by everyone) is joining our UK sales team and will cover the north of the country. Moon is a keen gardener and brings a wealth of industry knowledge to our team. Moon is on the road now (here he is outside Sonic Hydro in Birkenhead), so if you would like to request a visit to your retail store, contact him on 07983 666 550 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, please log-on and get involved, we have given away over £1,000 in prizes since the beginning of the year, with giveaways running every month! It’s also the best place for up to the minute tips, advice and updates on what is going on in the industry.

R and D

We are coming to the end of our tomato growing, well not to the end, they have just got a bit too big and we need the room to try other things! We are concentrating our efforts on the chillies and herbs, watch this space to see how much changes over the coming months! At time of going to press we received some very special hardware, more details to follow next month.

Just 4 Growers

Our friends over at Just4Growers have just started an interesting feature growing four Baxter’s Bush tomato plants indoors under 1000watts of light. We’re a big fan of the Just4Growers website and are looking forward to seeing the results... we’re expecting lots of toms! Subscribe to Just4Growers using this link and stay tuned for updates.

The Thai Emnassy

We attended The Thai Embassy show at Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, London last month. We showcased our easy2GO kit and wowed the Thai community with our super fresh Thai Herbs, which were a sell out over the weekend! Check out our Facebook page for videos and images of Thai herbs grown, using our easy2GO kit!

We had a great time at Glee this year, the event was bigger and busier than last year and we really enjoyed meeting new faces and saying hello to some old friends. We showcased our easy2GO kit and received lots of interest from garden centres looking to stock the product in 2016.

For more information on our easy2GO please visit our website.



AutoPot Global Limited and Little Growers are offering support and guidance to our friends in New Caledonia, who share our passion for teaching children where their food comes from and how to grow it themselves. Teaching the young how to feed themselves has always been important to all of us here at AutoPot, if you teach someone how to grow food, they will be able to feed themselves for life! Keep posted for further updates on this amazing new project!

AutoPot France did a fine job of representing our brand at last month’s Expo Grow event in Irun, Spain. They spoke to hundreds of retailers and growers from France and Spain and helped us to continue to raise our profile in Europe. Great job guys!


Coming Soon

We have two new revolutionary products in the development stages, watch this space (and our Facebook page) for news and updates!


Well, what an amazing weekend! We’d like to start by thanking each and every sponsor and guest who joined us on 16th August, when we flung open the doors to our Oxfordshire-based facility, Brill View Farm, and invited our trade customers to attend our Summer Festival. We were joined by 25 of our industry friends who exhibited alongside us and laid on some fantastic entertainment for all the guests. An excellent time was had by all.

We will be back next year, on August 13th / 14th, bigger and better!



If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, please log-on and get involved, we have given away over £1,000 in prizes since the beginning of the year, with giveaways running every month! It’s also the best place for up to the minute tips, advice and updates on what is going on at AutoPot HQ and the hydroponics industry.

We’re an energy conscious bunch here at AutoPot HQ… well, we do make one of the most water-efficient, environmentally-friendly irrigation systems in the world… so, when we were offered the opportunity to run some energy saving LED grow lights in our R&D area, we jumped at the chance! A big thank you to Spectrum King, HP4S and BudMaster who all sent us some of their superb lighting units. Keep checking our Facebook page for updates.

Cliff Prison

It’s been a busy month at HMP Channings Wood for Cliff and the plants are looking great. Here’s a quick update from the man himself…

The plants are using a staggering amount of water/nutrients now, I’m using a specially formulated two part feed from Growth Technology that has been made to suit the water supply in the prison. We have to make sure that all seven of the 1000L Flexitanks are constantly topped up, to give you an idea of the usage come Friday lunchtime all of them are full to the brim and when I return to the prison on Monday morning all seven are near enough empty, so that’s 7000L (seven ton) gone over the weekend!

For the full update, check out Cliff’s blog on The ChileFoundary here.


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been invited by the UK Thai Embassy to exhibit at their show in the Westfield Mall, London.

On 18-20th of September we’ll be displaying our watering systems alongside AutoPot grown produce from Fresh Thai Herbs UK. If you’re in or around the Westfield in Shepherds Bush that weekend then do pop in and say hello.

AutoPot Logo


Angel Morrison aged 13, with a little bit of help from her dad (Derek), has been growing these fantastic looking Tall Tree Sunflowers. At time of writing, they were 11’ 6” tall, but may well have grown past the 12’ mark by the time you read this! They are being grown in an easy2grow module, using 15 litre pots and Mills 90-day soil. A big thank you to Derek for the pictures!

Want to grow Sunflowers like Angel and Derek? Click here for more information on the easy2grow.

Have you got any pictures of your plants that you would like to show off? If so, why not email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.... you might just get a mention!

We have just received a lovely email from our friends at Atlantis Hydroponics in the US who have been helping out their local school in the US with gardening advice and some systems donated by AutoPot Watering Systems USA:

‘I just wanted to thank you both for the generous donation to the elementary school Atlantis has been working with. They felt like “it was Christmas” as they unboxed all of the systems you sent over.

Here’s a wonderful picture of the teachers as they opened and assembled their first AutoPot system. In their own words… “Is it really that easy?” I know they will find great success with your products and, best of all, the kids will learn and have fun! Also, the teachers will be making a website for educators and hydroponic enthusiasts; so you should be able to follow their progress.

I’ll keep you posted as they grow, but I really wanted to simply say thank you for all of your support over the years’.

A big thanks to all the guys at Atlantis from the AutoPot team.

We’ve just finished packing up our display booth ready to airfreight it to Dubai in preparation for next month’s IPM Expo.

The Expo is celebrating its 10th year and has become the most important plant show in the Gulf region. It’s our first time exhibiting in Dubai and we’re very much looking forward to it!

Gary's Plant

We have received this great picture from Gary Taylor MBE. After 35 years of commercial horticultural experience, Gary has realised that AutoPot is the ONLY watering system to consider for growing Datura plants!

Thanks Gary!


It’s that time of year again! This month we’ll be exhibiting at Glee in the NEC, if you’re attending the show then please pop along and see us on booth 18H02 (opposite Garland) where we’ll have a live demo of our holiday watering kit, the easy2GO.

For more information on the easy2GO click here.

See you there!

This year we’ve turned our annual open day into a Summer Festival for all of our loyal retailers and business partners.

It’s a one day party – held on August 16th - where retailers can network with experts from the hydro industry, visit our commercial AutoPot installation and enjoy free food, drink and camping. They’ll also be various fun filled activities laid on by the leading companies in the industry, including; a mechanical bull ride, shooting range, penalty shootout, punch ball challenge, casino, coconut shy and many more! The event is open to trade only, so if you’re a retailer and haven’t yet registered your place then please email Leah ASAP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

As July’s giveaways were so well received, and we are still feeling generous, we have decided to run the giveaway again throughout August! So keep checking our Facebook page and remember that our competitions and giveaways are now open to the UK, USA and Europe! Just ‘like and share’ to be in with a chance of winning!

Our friends at The Inner Garden in Taunton found the perfect way to cool down during the hottest day of the decade! Just goes to show how strong our tanks are! If Carlsberg made water tanks…

For more information on our range of super-strong FlexiTanks click here

At the start of the month we joined forces with Ashton Hydroponics in Manchester to create a hydroponic garden display for the Dig The City festival.

The 10 day event brought a nice bit of greenery to the centre of Manchester and our soilless garden display, complete with BudMaster LED lights, easy2grow and easy2GO systems scooped us a silver award which was presented by Irish garden designer and television personality, Diarmuid Gavin. We also got to have a nice chat with Bez from the Happy Mondays! We really enjoyed the event and look forward to the next one.

Our colleague Elena – based at our Spanish office in sunny Barcelona – recently received a nice email from her customer the Inner Green Garden Centre who included some photos of their raised beds irrigated with our AQUAbox Spyders. The pictures really show how easy it is to get growing with huge success!

The AQUAbox Spyder is ideal for irrigating raised beds or borders up to 1.2m square and multiple beds can be linked together to irrigate larger areas. For more information on the AQUAbox Spyder click here

With AutoPot USA getting busier and busier it’s time to expand our U.S. team to enable us to meet the increased demand from retailers and commercial growers.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Ricky Perez and Claudia Feathers. They’ll be based in the logistics department of our Long Beach office. Welcome aboard guys!

We recently received another update from Jardin ecol’eau - our project partners in New Caledonia - who just held their annual gardening show at the beginning of July.

They chose to display a few of our systems planted up with some beautiful bright flowers and herbs to attract attention! They were very busy over the weekend and received lots of attention from domestic gardeners, schools and commercial growers. Great work guys

If you’re interested in AutoPot Watering Systems for a school project or commercial installation please email us for further information

Next month we’ll be exhibiting at Glee in the NEC, Birmingham.

The show runs from the 14th to 16th of September and is the UK’s leading garden retail event. If you’re a retailer or commercial customer and would like to visit the show then please email us for a VIP pass at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We look forward to seeing you there, we’re on booth 18H02 opposite Garland Products.

We love to receive photos from our customers here at AutoPot HQ, here’s Ayrshire-based Russell Brooks’ 60 pot easy2grow system, overflowing with strawberries. A very neat looking set up and just look at that view! If you’d like to send us a picture of your AutoPot Watering System in action then please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After two successful growing seasons where they recorded an increase in yield, reduction in class 2 fruit and savings in water and fertiliser usage, FlavourFresh in Southport have increased the size of their trial AutoPot system for their next crop. They’ll be cultivating over 400 strawberry plants in their easy2grow system alongside their drip irrigated plants. Keep checking our Facebook page for further updates. If you’re interested in an AutoPot Watering System for a commercial installation click here for more information.

Last but not least, we hope you all will join us in congratulating Dan - our Business Development and Marketing Director - and his family following the arrival of baby Oscar! We are so excited to have an AutoPot baby!

We’re keeping it simple and giving away prizes at random this month, make sure that you like and share our Facebook post to be in with a chance of winning! All you have to do is visit our Facebook page, like and share our competition post and pop a few words in the comment box below the post, we will then pick winners at random who will each receive a prize! Stay tuned throughout July as there will be lots of chances to win! Winners will be announced in our next newsletter.

Last month we ran a competition asking for your best gardening tips. A big thank you to everyone that entered, we really enjoyed reading all of your green fingered hints! Our top five favourites each won a prize. Four runners up won themselves one of our easy2GO Kits – ideal for keeping their plants watered while they’re on holiday this summer! Here are our four runners up and their top tips:
1. Fiona (Chilli witch Fee)
2. Gina Zeelie
3. Gary Woolston
4. Chris Pepper
Our overall winner was Connor McGovern who provided the following tip:
During the period after transplanting plants into the AutoPot Watering Systems, but before turning the valve on, feed the plant with a dilute solution of the nutrient mix. This way the plant will be acclimated to the mix when AutoPot goes on full strength.
Connor, you will receive an easy2grow 4 (large with 15 litre pots), with propagation lids and a bottle of easy2grow liquid feed! Congratulations!
If you missed out on a prize and fancy a watering system for the summer, check out the full range at our online shop.

This month we are generously giving away free shipping on all orders over £10! Please visit our website throughout this month to benefit from this amazing saving!

Last month we announced our collaboration with Cliff Hyslop aka Devonchilliman and HMP Channing Wood. As part of our giving back initiative, we donated enough AutoPot Watering Systems to fill eight poly tunnels at the prison and enable the prisoners to grow their own produce, gain horticultural experience and assist in their rehabilitation. It has been a long process, but we are finally ready to give you an update! We shoe horned a 12 tonne lorry with 1000’s of AutoPots and 16 pallets of growing media through the gates with inches to spare and the systems are now planted up with chillies. We’d like to say a huge thank you to the companies who supported the initiative and donated growing media; Atami, Growth Technology, Nutrifeld, Mills, Plagron and UGro. For further updates check out our Facebook page here and Devonchilliman’s page here!

Following on from the prison update, our friend Cliff Hyslop has been extra busy this month! Not only has he been working hard potting up chillies at HMP Channing Wood, he’s also found the time to update the latest issue of The Chile Foundry for you all to enjoy! Click the link below to take a look...

This month Paul – our Sales Director –hit the road to visit some of our lovely Spanish retailers and spread the AutoPot message! Paul started his journey at AutoPot HQ in Farnborough and headed straight to Spain to pick up Elena from AutoPot Spain’s HQ in Barcelona. They then drove down to the Granada area, visiting shops along the way. What a journey! Bueno!

Things are really coming on nicely in the AutoPot HQ R&D showroom. We’re growing a wide variety of crops including three varieties of cucumber, two melon varieties, bell peppers, Sungold, Gardeners Delight and Ailsa Craig tomatoes, plus our favourite Thai basil varieties; holy, spicy and sweet. Not to mention a long list of different chilli varieties! As many experienced growers will know, summer time may well provide advantageous growing conditions, but it also brings a few unwelcome guests to the garden and in our case it’s brought an invasion of aphids! We’re not huge fans of chemical pesticides here at AutoPot (we just use a bit of SB Invigorator and Diatomaceous Earth to help slow the spread), we prefer to let nature take its course, and have introduced an army of natural predators to sort out our aphid invaders. Our weapons of choice include; lace wings, lady bugs and parasitic wasps. Let battle commence! Follow us on Facebook for pictures and video updates

We popped up to Mam’s Chilli Farm near Southport earlier in the month and things are looking great! Mam is growing over 1300 chilli plants this season in her easy2grow systems including; Thai Demon, Ring of Fire, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia and Mizoram Birds Eye. Mam was at the potting up stage when we visited and was watering her plants through to make sure they were fully rooted out before turning the systems on. We look forward to heading up again later in the summer to check on the growth and try some of those spicy varieties!

Kennesaw University have been using their easy2grow system to grow produce for their students for two years now. This season they decided to try chipped pine bark as a growing medium and have used a tweaked mineral nutrient from Canna to feed their tomatoes. The chipped bark ranges in size from 1cm to partially decomposed 1mm particles and because it’s so light and airy there’s no need to mix in any perlite or clay pebbles to increase the aeration. As you can see from the pictures, they’ve grown some great plants in this sustainable media!

Have you got any great gardening tips that you would like to share? Then this is the competition for you!

We are giving away another bundle of amazing prizes this month! To enter our competition, all you have to do is find our competition post on Facebook and add your best tip to the comments box. We will then pick our four favourites who will each win an easy2GO kit, we will also chose one overall winner, who will win an easy2grow 4 (with 15L pots), with propagation lids and a bottle of easy2grow liquid feed!

Winners will be announced in our July newsletter.

Our competition last month was a huge success.

We asked you to visit our Facebook page and tell us; which two plant varieties have we been growing in our grow room? The answer was, of course, Thai Sweet Basil and Mizuna!

The winners are:

First Prize: Catherine Cockburn
Catherine has won a family ticket to the Eden Project and an easy2grow kit!

Second Prize: Kieron Clarke
Kieron has won a family ticked to the Eden Project

Congratulations Catherine and Kieron! Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your address and we will arrange for your prizes to be sent out to you! FaceBook Logo

Our activities stateside are going from strength to strength.

Our watering systems are gaining popularity with both hydroponic retailers and gardening centres alike.

We’ve also experienced a sharp rise in demand from commercial growers, so much so that we’re pleased announce the launch of our Cultivation Consultancy, designed to meet the specific needs of our US commercial customers.

AutoPot Watering Systems & Cultivation Consultancy will provide turnkey growing solutions to large scale growers and support them from seed to harvest. We’ve put together a new brochure to coincide with the launch. Click the image opposite for a sneak peek...

Here at AutoPot we’re a firm believer that everyone should benefit from our irrigation technology, whether they’re a new gardener or green fingered expert. So, we’ve produced two new potting up guides for those just starting out as well as those looking for some advanced tips. Click the images on the right to check out the documents and get your growing season off to a great start! Or visit:

Last month we headed north to visit Peter and Helleentje Walker of Wack’s Wicked Plants at their carnivorous plant nursery in North Yorkshire.

Dan recently met Peter and Helleentje at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show where they had just scooped the Premier Gold Award for their incredible display of insect eating plants. They keep their exotic collection irrigated using deep gardening trays and rain water, which takes Peter a good couple of hours each morning to top up with a watering can, so Dan was keen to show them how to automate their entire nursery using our easy2GO Kits.

Peter is now trialling the Kits and is also using one of our huge 1000L FlexiTanks to collect enough rainwater for the entire nursery. Visit our Facebook page for updates of the trial and for more information on carnivorous plants take a look at Wack’s Wicked Plants website here

Our AutoPot layout creator is now live and ready to use! It’s a great online programme that enables you to create a blue print of your own custom AutoPot Watering System, sized specifically for your grow area. Simply enter the dimensions of your grow area and set out the desired AutoPot modules and FlexiTanks however you wish. You can save your layout and come back to it, email it to a friend or forward it directly to us for a quote.

Whether you’re choosing a system for a greenhouse in the garden or a commercial polytunnel, our layout creator is an ideal tool to help you plan your space. Click here to create your layout.

We just enjoyed a great weekend exhibiting at the Home Grown Expo at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The expo is in its second year and showcases all the latest gadgets for urban gardening.

We had a fantastic time catching up with our retailers and meeting lots of new growers looking to automate their gardens, both indoors and outside.

We also displayed a couple of prototype products designed to grow plants with no media whatsoever... watch this space for further details!

The expo was completely free to enter and the public day attracted a diverse group of green fingered visitors from allotment growers to commercial chilli farmers. It’s well worth putting in your diary for next year!

Updated Resource Centre Available

Our online resource centre has recently been updated. It’s an excellent tool for those retailers who list our products on their website or catalogue as it contains our full library of product images, logos and animations.

If you’re an AutoPot retailer or wholesaler and would like to access our resource centre, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a password.

The Research & Development area at AutoPot HQ is a hive of activity and has changed considerably since our last update.

We have now introduced tomatoes, cucumbers, more varieties of chillies, water melon and rock melon to name but a few. We are testing various substrates from Mills Nutrients, one that Jason (MD and head of R&D) is liking a lot is coco fibre mixed with cork. The trials are still in the early stages, here’s a few images for you and we’ll be sure to give you an update in the coming months!

As well as our work in the office research and development room, we’re also up and running at our greenhouses in Oxfordshire; Brill View Farm.

This year we’re growing a huge variety of plants including; tomatoes, cucumbers, courgette, aubergine, many basils and herbs. We’re even having a go at some giant veg! As you can see from the pictures, everything is looking lovely and healthy. We can’t wait to try the produce at harvest time. To stay updated with the goings on at Brill View you can follow Ben – the farm owner’s – blog here

As our customers north of the border may be aware, we’ve been featured on Scotland’s favourite gardening show, The Beechgrove Garden, in a segment presented by Jim McColl about watering hungry tomato plants. In the segment, Jim – officially, televisions longest serving gardener – pitches four watering techniques; hand watering, watering rings, capillary trays and AutoPots, against each other to see which is the most effective. The trial starts in episode 5 and will run throughout the series. You can catch up with the show on the BBC iPlayer or by selecting BBC Scotland on digital or cable TV. Stay tuned for the results!

March: Best Retailer Display
Congratulations to the winning retailers on their amazing AutoPot displays! We are delighted to announce the winners are, Sunlight Gardens, Hydro Harvest and Bill & Ben’s Hydro!

We’ll be running more retailer competitions in the summer, so get those displays up and running. If you need AutoPot POS then contact your AutoPot sales representative.

April: Best AutoPot Grown Plant
A big thank you to everyone that posted a picture of their favourite plant in one of our AutoPot pots! After much deliberation, we have chosen the following five entries, who will all receive a 4Pot System! Congratulations!


Stuart Francis

Dave Jones

Nigel Brown
Russell Williams

Scott Cooper

Plus we were feeling extra generous so we have chosen Terry Smith’s fabulous Chilli Plant! Terry will receive a bonus prize of four 1Pot XL Modules!

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your address to claim your prize!

Our Facebook competitions have been so successful, we thought we should carry on being the generous company that we are and launch a new one this month! All you have to do is find our Facebook page by clicking the link below and answer the following question:

Q: What are the two plants that we have been growing in our horticultural coco matting trial in April 2015?

First prize is a pair of family tickets (two adults, two children) to the Eden Project in Cornwall and a easy2grow System

The runner up prize is a pair of family tickets (two adults, two children) to the Eden Project in Cornwall

The winner will be picked at random at the end of May 2015.



Keep up to date with offers and competitions by visiting us on Facebook! We constantly update our page with news, tips and offers and our on the road sales team regularly post pictures taken at our resellers, so it’s worth checking to see if your local retailer has been featured. Next time you’re online, pop over and give us a like!
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Our easy2GO Kit is a great addition to any garden or household and will be on special offer from now until 31st May 2015 at the special price of £15.00 with FREE UK mainland delivery! That’s a saving of £8.95!

By incorporating our patented AQUAvalve, the easy2GO kit will keep plants watered for weeks using a simple gardening tray and reservoir of any size. The easy2GO kit provides optimum levels of water to meet the plants requirements - without the need for timers or electricity.

Our easy2grow liquid plant fertiliser is a great all round feed that will nourish your plants from seedling stage all the way through to harvest. It’s suitable for all varieties of fruiting plants, vegetables and ornamentals and can be used with all types of growing substrate. Our liquid fertiliser is a single part mineral nutrient that dilutes completely into water, with very little sediment, which ensures that it keeps pipes and AQUAvalves running clear and free from blockages. We use our easy2grow liquid in our own growing trials and consistently achieve excellent results, it simply produces great harvests time and time again.

Visit our online for more information click here

You may remember last month we previewed our new layout creator, an imaginative tool which enables you to visualise how your AutoPot Watering System will look in your growing area. We’re delighted to announce that this is now live and fully operational, please feel free to click the link below, design your set-up, either on your own or by modifying one of our templates and ask for a quote!

This has been tested and trialed, but there maybe a few glitches. Anyone who contacts us with usable suggestions or feedback will receive an easy2GO kit for free!

To use the layout creator click here



We’re now on Instagram, for all our up to date pictures and news from AutoPot.

To follow us on Instagram click here

Dan has been on his travels! After attending The Edible Garden Show in London last month, he packed his bags and flew to Techni Grow in Lyon, France, where he exhibited alongside our colleagues at AutoPot France. The show was a real success and he was really impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm displayed by all who attended. France is an exciting market for AutoPot as more and more individuals and companies move towards growing their own produce. Watch this space for further developments! C’est bon!

Our friend Cliff Hyslop, AKA DevonChilliMan, has written and released the latest edition of the Chilli Foundry, so we thought we would share this with you. Whether you’re a diehard chilli fan or just starting out, it makes for a very interesting read! Cliff will be releasing this monthly and will include updates on our joint venture with HM Channings Wood prison, part of our giving back scheme.

Since its launch, just two years ago, our 1Pot XL has proved itself to be the watering system of choice for growers looking to cultivate very large plants, and with good reason, the 25L pot provides ample root space for huge growth and our patented AQUAvalve provides plants with optimum levels of nutrient enriched water whenever they need it.


Well, we’re pleased to announce that the XL is now even better, we’ve added an extra thick rim to the tray for extra strength and improved stackability. Check out the new XL tray at your local AutoPot stockist.

Click here to visit our online shop.

A lot has changed since last month, we have been trailing horticultural coco matting with Thai Sweet Basil and Mizuna leaves, so far so good! Below are images taken over a four week period, as you can see the results are pretty impressive! Updates from our growroom will be a regular feature in our newsletter, but if you would like to follow our trials and get the latest news, follow our pages on Facebook and Instagram.

We had a great time visiting chilli farmer, and recent AutoPot convert, Mam at her chilli farm near Southport last month. Mam will be growing over 1000 Thai chilli plants in easy2grow systems and hopes to expand her grow area next year to include Thai herbs. We’re really impressed with Mam’s growing area. She’ll be cultivating her plants using rain water and natural sunlight only. Mam’s Chilli Farm. Mam will also be using a dedicated powdered fertiliser kindly supplied by Growth Technology.

The fact that AutoPot Watering Systems operate without the need for any electricity meant they were an ideal fit for Mam’s self-sustainable set up. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on Mam images, Facebook and growth technology.

Show us your plants and win!

This month we are giving away a 4Pot System to five lucky Facebook followers who send us a picture of their prized AutoPot-grown plants.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is leave a photo under the competition post on our Facebook page of your best-looking plant growing in one of our AutoPot pots. We’ll then select our top 5 favourites… simple!

The competition will run throughout April 2015, so if you haven’t liked our page yet, click on the link below!

Get ready for the 2015 growing season with our wonderful online offer: buy an easy2grow Kit and receive an easy2grow extension absolutely free! That's 4 pots for the price of 2… double your harvest for free! A saving of £22.65!

The easy2grow is our best-selling system and will automatically feed and water your plants without the need for any electricity and without wasting a single drop of water. Each easy2grow comes complete with two 8.5L pots; ideal for growing short, bushy plants like herbs, chillies and strawberries, or tall vine plants like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

For £44.00 (free delivery) you will receive an easy2grow Kit and a free easy2grow extension; it's a complete four pot growing Kit & 300ml easy2grow liquid feed, just add media, plants and water. Hurry, our offer ends February 28th. Offers applies to the UK only.

Click here for more information on the easy2grow and our fantastic offer.

We had a fantastic time at The Edible Garden Show last week, it was great to meet so many like-minded gardening enthusiasts and share our products with them. Thank you to all that came along to say hello, we’d been really looking forward to exhibiting again and it didn’t disappoint.

Our easy2GO Kit and AQUAbox Spyder were our stars of the show this year and received lots of attention. They’re a cost effective way of keeping your pot plants or raised beds automatically watered… all you need is a water butt or small tank.

Click here for more information on the easy2GO and here for more information on the AQUAbox

As well as meeting lots of people for the first time, it was great to see gardeners who had purchased our watering systems at last year’s show and had come back to tell us about their great experiences. It was lovely to see you all again. Roll on next year!

We have been working with our friends at the Eden Project again this year, they have many AutoPot systems on display there, and we are patiently waiting to see the fruits of their labour! They have sent us a teaser photo of their parsley production so far.

Later in the year, The Eden Project will be creating a lovely tomato display, stay tuned for updates and images of their future growing success!

Click to view the Eden Project Website

We are excited to be able to announce that we have collaborated with both the Devonchilliman, aka Cliff Hyslop and HMP Channings Wood to help in the process of rehabilitating offenders. AutoPot are donating pots to irrigate up to eight tunnels along with advice and guidance on how to cultivate their own chilli plants. Cliff will be providing the prison with his very own chilli plants and seeds along with his wealth of knowledge in the chilli growing sector.

We’re very much looking forward to giving something back, with the hope that nurturing a plant from seed to table will help in encouraging self-worth and rehabilitation. We will keep you posted on future developments over the coming months!

Click to view DevonChilliMan website

No need to visit the greenhouse to check on our plants anymore, we’ve made some exciting changes to our grow room here at AutoPot HQ and we’re ready to get growing. You may remember that we’ve created a growing space under the glass roof of our new offices, well now we’re fully insulated and sealed with a fancy new environmental control system in place!

Over the coming months you can expect regular grow room updates, including some very interesting trials of new products and R&D work… watch this space and our Facebook page.

In the meantime this is how our grow room currently looks…

It’s almost time for you to get creative! We are getting ready to announce the launch of our all new Layout Creator on the AutoPot website. This imaginative tool allows the user to plan, to scale, the layout of their greenhouse, poly tunnel or commercial growing area.

Simply select the dimensions of your space, place your pots and tanks wherever you would like them and submit your layout for a quotation. We will then respond with a quote and some further information. It’s as easy as that! We are hoping to go live any day now!

They like to do things bigger over the pond, so over the last 3 months we’ve been busy putting together our brand new US brochure designed for our commercial US customers. We’re very proud of our efforts, so here’s a sneak peak of some of the animations we’ve used:


It may not feel like it at the moment, but spring is just around the corner! At this time of year we start to sow seeds indoors ready to plant out once the weather warms up.

So, this month we are offering FREE propagation lids with the easy2grow kit, easy2grow 4 and easy2grow 6 purchased in March. Perfectly timed to help you get your seedlings growing in early spring!

Our propagator lids fit snugly onto our 15L pots, so they’re the ideal add-on for both the easy2grow kit when using 15 litre pots and our 1Pot system. Simply pot a young plant into the pot and rest the lid on top with the vents closed. Over the next few weeks gradually open the vents to harden the plant off and finally remove the lid completely during the day, if the weather is still a little chilly; you can continue to use the lid at night

Your young plants will be protected from the elements and will enjoy a healthy start!

The free propagation lid promotion savings are as follows:

easy2Grow kit with two 15 litre pots = 2 free propagation lids – saving of £14.10

easy2Grow 4 with four 15 litre pots = 4 free propagation lids – saving of £21.00

 easy2Grow 6 with six 15 litre pots = 6 free propagation lids – saving of £28.10

This offer includes free delivery and a 1 litre bottle of easy2Grow feed.

Offer ends on 31st March 2015 - Visit our online shop for more information.

Thank you to everyone that entered our fabulous January newsletter competition! The question we needed answering was: What year did we launch the easy2GO Kit?

The answer of course was 2014 at last year’s Edible Garden Show!

We are delighted to announce that the winner is Sue Batchelor! Well done Sue!

Less than one month to go now until The Edible Garden Show, which will be held at Alexandra Palace in London, it’s not too late come and see us! You can still book tickets online and if you use the code AUTO25, this will get you two tickets for £25.00 and kids go free! Tickets will also grant you access to The Good Life Live show, so it's two shows for the price of one!

This year we’ll be showcasing some great ways to use your easy2GO Kit from raising young plants through to keeping your large pot plants watered. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click the image below to purchase tickets

Our Sales and Operations Director - Paul Milner - was over in LA last week, reconnecting with our US team and passing on some of his comprehensive skills! It’s our pleasure to introduce Team AutoPot USA! From left to right we have Marcel Palm, Paul Milner, Maren Palm and Nick Martinez. Nick is our newest team member, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in warehousing and logistics, so please join us in welcoming him to the AutoPot family!

To visit our US website click here

Keep up to date with offers and competitions by visiting us on Facebook! We constantly update our page with news, tips and offers and our on the road sales team regularly post pictures taken at our resellers, so it’s worth checking to see if your local retailer has been featured. Next time you’re online, pop over and give us a like!

To follow us on Facebook click here


We are very pleased to announce that our products are now available for US retailers to purchase via HydroFarm!

HydroFarm are one of the biggest distributors of gardening equipment in the USA and will complement our existing distribution channels perfectly. Speaking of the new development, Marcel Palm – Business Development Director of AutoPot USA - commented, “We’re all extremely pleased to have HydroFarm on board and look forward to working with them to ensure our products are available across the whole of the US.”

For US retail, wholesale or distribution enquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to visit our US website.

This month we took the AutoPot road show to Rome and supported our Italian distributor Indoorline at the capital’s first trade show. We had a fantastic weekend speaking to lots of enthusiastic retailers and growers. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth… grazie!

We have big news here at AutoPot Towers, our very own Dan Gulliver has accepted the position of Business Development & Marketing Director. Dan will be concentrating on developing our domestic and European markets and we hope that you will join us in wishing him well in his new position.

Access to our products is getting easier and easier, not only are our products available from our online shop and UK retailers. We also have a growing list of European distributors, wholesaling AutoPot products to retailers in their respective countries. In the last couple of months we have included the following companies in our distributor list: 


  • Estonia/Finland – Transwood OU
  • Serbia – Hidroponika
  • Greece – Cropscience / Grow Academy


Click here for our full distributor list.

Calling all retailers! Our eagerly anticipated 2015 wholesale catalogue will be ready in February. The new catalogue contains all of your favourite AutoPot products and a few new ones, including our lovely new 1,000 litre FlexiTank – see the details above. Alongside our priced catalogue, we'll be also be launching a retail counter top copy with retail prices only – it's a great tool for showing your customers the AutoPot range. To request your copy, contact your AutoPot sale representative.


We are delighted to announce that we have launched our new 1,000 litre FlexiTank, it's our biggest yet!

The 1,000 litre FlexiTank revolutionises water storage, it is everything you need in one compact box. It requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage and shipping costs and takes minutes to assemble. It really couldn't be simpler. Unlike other waterbutts and barrels, the AutoPot FlexiTank can be stored away when not used, can fit where other tanks cannot go and is adaptable in ways standard tanks are not.


  • Box size - 90cm x 17cm x 20cm
  • Fits where other tanks cannot go
  • Easy to ship and store
  • Capacity 1,000 litres


To purchase your FlexiTank click here to visit our online shop.

Christmas has been and gone, but we're still in a festively generous mood! We're giving away an easy2GO Kit and two tickets for The Edible Garden Show to one lucky reader, all you have to do is email Leah - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - with the answer the following question: What year did we launch our easy2GO Kit? The winner will be selected at random, good luck everyone!


Last year several large commercial producers trialled AutoPot systems for the first time alongside their regular irrigation methods, the results are in and they make great reading! First up, Lemken Nurseries - a commercial strawberry producer in the North West of England – grew 240 strawberry plants in an easy2grow 60 and recorded an increase in yield of 10.6%! That is great going! As well as the yield increase they also recorded a 12.3% saving in water and fertiliser consumption over their drip irrigated plants. Wow!



The second producer is FlavourFresh - a multi-crop nursery in North West England - who used an easy2grow 120 in their strawberry nursery and recorded a reduction in Class 2 fruit from 4.5% across the nursery to 1.5% in their AutoPot row. Class 2 fruit falls outside of the size boundaries imposed by the UK supermarkets and is unsuitable for sale. Therefore, by using AutoPot in their nursery, FlavourFresh have successfully reduced their wastage regarding produce, water and fertiliser consumption.

We'd like to thank both Lemken and FlavourFresh for using our systems and look forward to more trial results later in the year.

We visit our commercial customers regularly and post photo updates on our Facebook page.

After a great 2014 show, we're pleased to announce that we'll be exhibiting again this year at the Edible Garden Show. Come and visit us at Alexandra Palace from 20th to 22nd March. Last year was an amazing success; it's where we chose to launch our popular easy2GO Kit and we are very excited to be returning. This year The Edible Garden Show is going to be even bigger as it's teamed together with The Good Life Live, this means you get entry to two great shows with just one ticket! If you would like to join us, please visit the website and book your tickets.

Get ready for the 2015 growing season with our wonderful online offer: buy an easy2grow Kit and receive an easy2grow extension absolutely free! That's 4 pots for the price of 2… double your harvest for free! A saving of £22.65!

The easy2grow is our best-selling system and will automatically feed and water your plants without the need for any electricity and without wasting a single drop of water. Each easy2grow comes complete with two 8.5L pots; ideal for growing short, bushy plants like herbs, chillies and strawberries, or tall vine plants like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

For £44.00 (free delivery) you will receive an easy2grow Kit and a free easy2grow extension; it's a complete four pot growing Kit & 300ml easy2grow liquid feed, just add media, plants and water. Hurry, our offer ends February 28th. Offers applies to the UK only.

Click here for more information on the easy2grow and our fantastic offer.