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Hi, Am going to transplant my clones, which are currently in their jiffy bags, into their new 15l autopots. Am not sure how long to hand feed/water them, before they will take up the solution on their own, from the bottom of the pot. Am concerned, as the roots have only just sprouted and are a long way from the bottom. Thank you. Claudio - Posted by Claudio

Hi Claudio.....In an ideal world you should pot up your sprouted plants into a 3-5" pots first and let it establish in that pot first is not good practice to pot up a very small plant in to a 15ltr pot...once the plants have established in the smaller pots and have a good root system pot up into the 15ltr pots and water through.....there is emough water in the pot for 4-14 days so do not turn your system on until the plants have established......then turn it on....make the plants work hard for the water.....Josh....

What product do you recommend to fill the pots? - Posted by ed miller

Hi Ed....There are so many to choose from...the list is endless......but rule of to have good air retention and good capillary action within the substrate.....suggestions are as follows......Perlite/Soil 50/50, Perlite/Coco 50/50, let me know what you have in mind and I will advise accordingly.......Josh....

Hi, Do you sell the square gold substrate piece that fits in the bottom of the pot, separately? I found a single autopot but the retailer doesn’t have that piece and without it I don’t think it will work correctly. The retailer told me that the autopot came that way and it had been sitting around for a long time. I want to buy it but not in-complete. Can you help me? I am interested in purchasing the 4 pot system but I want to try the single out in a side by side test with another manufacturers product. This could be an opportunity for an independent review. Thank you for your time. - Posted by calvin repinski

Hi Calvin...... If you contact either hydrodynamics or future garden....they should be able to help....any problems please let me know......Josh...

I would like an 8 pot system. Do you make them? - Posted by Bill

Hi Bill, there are two options here.....either you can purchase x2 4Pot systems or alternatively you can contact Josh or Chip at HydroDynamics as they will be able to help on an 8Pot System......Josh...

Hello I am inquiring about getting a 12 or 24 pot system. I know that the 4 pot system is available in the US just unsure about getting the larger system? Thanks, Brian - Posted by Brian pimentel

Hi Brian........I think prices have been sent to you....If all is OK please let us know......Josh....

I have contacted distriutors and retailers , they are all like the person calvin talked to,they do not seem very educated in your product or really selling any of them.They lots of other pot stuff to look after in fact they are flooded with it.I would like to make a suggestion since i have been in sales for many years.Do it the old fashioned way, have a sales staff that is educated on the product and makes direct calls to retailers and sets up work shops and demonstrations at farm stores and nurseries.I would love to travel and sell this direct.Also offer and carry the whole product line. Regards , Friend - Posted by Friend Darr

Hi Friend...... We are all fully aware that no one really knows the product......and especially how to use it......If you would like to have a chat with Jason ...the President of the company he can be contacted either by Skype at jason.s.ralph.smith or by email at As you know we have a company based in LA we are starting to make head way...We are also aiming to have another person on hte ground in LA before Christmas....This person will be running everything and pushing the company forward......

What is the price for the 25 gal FlexiTank? - Posted by Virginia Arenas

The price of the 25G FlexiTank is .00

(Like BrianPrementiI ) i would also like to order 2/12 pot systems. how do I go about doing so? Only fours available please reply thank you - Posted by Nathan

Hi Nathan If you can send me an email at I’d be happy to give you further information on where to purchase the 12Pot system and price information. Many thanks, Olivia

which one of your products are for me? I’m looking to grow on my terrace And inside apt thanks - Posted by sean

Hi Sean...... The 4Pot System will work very well both indoors or outdoors...... In fact any of the systems will be perfect.... any size will work well.... Josh....

Will the four autopot fit in a 4x2 grow tent? - Posted by Jon Lieberman

Hi Jon..... The 4Pot System will fit nicely in this area..... If you need any further help please let me know.... Josh...

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