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Where can I purchase the 4 pot Retail Package ? Thanks, - Posted by Maximo

Hi There .... you can purchase it from stores in LA... there are some in shown on the website or directly from us..... Please send us some contact info and we will help you out if you need us..... Josh...

I noticed the website doesn’t give you a purchasing option...where can I buy your products online - Posted by Sterlin

Hi Sterlin.... Just send an email to the web contact and we will advise you on the best and easiest way to get what you need.... Josh....

Is the Air Dome addition available in the US? - Posted by Ryan

Hi Ryan..... Not in the US at the moment but we can ship to the US at very competitive prices..... just let us know via email what you would like and we will sort everything out for you...... Josh...

I would like to purchase a easy to grow 6 system - Posted by michael

Hi Michael...if you provide us with your shipping/billing address by e-mail to, then one of our sales team will be in touch shortly to help you through the purchasing process...Josh

hi josh! i live un the united states in ohio and i would like to know where i could buy a 60 gallon flexitank here in the united states i already have 12 auto pots but i need the tank dont like the other kind as well. thanks a lot josh for yout time and take care. tom - Posted by thomas miller

Hi can buy the 60 gallon Flexi-Tank direct from us...if you e-mail directly giving us your full shipping address then we will be able to provide you with a price quote...Josh

Will these work for orchids? If so, how should I set it up? - Posted by David

Hi David..... They work fantastically well... I have been growing beautiful orchids for years... I simply use a mixture of bark and coco.... works a treat......

how many pots can I add additionally to the original four pot system and not have to have a larger reservoir Thank You in advance - Posted by tim izatt

Hi Tim.... I would suggest no more than 6 1Pot modules from a 13 gallon res... using 1/4 inch pipe.... if you want more you really need to use a bigger res and start using 1/2 inch pipe as the main supply pipe reducing down to 1/4 inch at each AQUAvalve point..... hope this helps..... Josh....

For groing tomatoes and chili peppers, do you need have the pts in a covered area in case it rains. This in tropical weather. Thanks, - Posted by Maximo

Hi Maximo.... Ideally it is best to have the products in a covered area...... too much rain and you will end up flooding the trays and drowning the plants..... the only system suited for outdoors is the AQUAbox Spyder.... Josh.......

Do you carry the air dome accessory for the auto pot system? - Posted by dom

Hi Dom, AirDomes now in the US, please contact, he will be able to help you with what you need.... Thanks Josh...

Is the 1/4" tubing used with the auto pots ID or OD? - Posted by D

Hi D..... 1/4" tubing is OD ... in mm... 6.2mm OD... 4.2mm ID... hope this helps ... Josh..

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