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My first try with easy 2 auto pots. Wife got one pretty good plant 2nd not so much.Cherry tomatoes. Are the pots supposed to go dry or always have some water in them? I filled pots with 50 50 Perlite/Coir dry. Water only in tank. It filled auto tray to 3/4". Dropped to 1/4" then refilled to 3/4". Is this correct behavior? Never goes dry. Thanks for your time Ed C. - Posted by Ed Cunningham

Hi Ed The pots are slightly elevated in the tray - even if you see water they run pretty much dry and the refill. Second run with the same soil will have less food - top feed or feed through the reservoir mineral nutrients - organics only top feed into pots as they would clog the aqua valves. josh

I have the GH duo line. will this fertilizer line work well with this sytem. I already have some autopots I purchased, looking to get airdomes for them, use some SS#4 for substrate, and maybe some hydrodon for the first couple inches(around the air dome.) I main question is will my fertilizer line work. How do I treat this system, like hydro? Should I PH my water a 5.5 or should I leave it around 6.5? Thanks, green217 - Posted by green217

GH duo line mineral feed works fine. Do not put more than 1 inch hydroton into bottom of pot. Your ph depends on the substrate you use - 5.5 - 5.8 coco . 6.0- 6.5 for soil - josh

On the easy to grow 48 system I was wondering what the area dimensions the system fits into. Like a 10'x20' using the configuration that you guys show. - Posted by Steve

please use our online layout calculator - quite easy to use and you will see exactly what you can fit in your designated area - 10 x 20 would be a sufficient area - josh

is biosevia ok to add to the resevioour? - Posted by flamez

sorry I don't know the product - rule of thumb is no organics through the reservoir - only mineral nutrients and additives -organics only top feed or mix through substrate - josh

Hi Josh, Bought a Flexi tank 105 gallon for indoor use, and before i could even use it once it started leaking out of the bottom.. whats the warrenty policy on these things? I would like to give you guys another chance if you can sen another one and ill send this one back, I really like the tank, just wish it was functioning better. LEt me know thanks! - Posted by Kory MCCary

Hi There. You have full guaranty on the tank - please return where you bought the tank and we will fully credit so you can buy a replacement - sorry for the inconveniences - josh

my area is 9'x9' what system would be best for me? I tried using your calculator but it keeps blocking me. - Posted by mike

Hi There - that really depends what you would like to grow ? In this space you can take all size systems we offer - josh

Hi Josh, I'm a home gardener, would appreciate if you could answer a couple of questions re the autopot system. 1. Can the autopot be used outdoors? i think the rainwater will inevitably flush the salt down to the roots from the top? 2. Do I need to use half-strength nutrient in the reservoir to avoid over-fertilizing? 3. What do i do with the substrates after each grow season, Do i need to flush them with clean water to remove the salts? Thanks. - Posted by Jack

1. yes system can be kept outdoors - turn off the system after raining and let the pots dry out - then turn back on - the plants will cope with the salts. 2. Yes you can do that - also fill reservoir for the week say on a Monday and add your nutrients on the following Tueasday or Wednesday to flush the roots zone and pipes with water only in-between. 3. Yes flush your substrate with water or enzymes only to flush out the salts or brake down the salts - Josh

wich size of airpump do i need for a 24 pot system. and do i need a airpump in the tank or the airdomes enough ? - Posted by S.

You can go from 200 gal\hour up to 1100gal\hour - depending on the tubing you choose 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] or 1 inch. You don't have to ad a extra air pump into the reservoir as it only would raise your PH - to blow oxygen direct to the roots is as good as it gets. Make sure you only turn on the pump after 2-3 weeks when plants have established - never less than 70degree - Josh

How does one manage to install a mini float valve on these soft sided reservoirs? If you don't offer a solution, you should. There are many uses for your reservoirs besides feeding your autopot systems. Thanks for the time... - Posted by Frenchfry

Hi there. All our new tanks have extra fittings for various different systems - Josh

Hello Josh Can i put an airstone in the Flexitank to oxygenate the water or would it have unwanted sideeffects? Best regards Anders - Posted by Anders Dahl

Hi there. You will only rise your ph in the reservoir - not advisable - if you would like to oxygenate your plants try our Airdomes - they blow oxygen direct to the roots.

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