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I'd like to grow 2 Jalapeño pepper plants and 2 Thai Chili Plants. I'm looking at the Easty 2 Grow 4 kit but am unsure whether to buy the regular size or the larger container. I'm assuming since the water is constantly in supply the size of the container is not so critical as with conventional containers one would water from above every couple of days. Thanks! - Posted by Yani

Hi Yani..... It really does not matter which size pot you use .... it really is up to the grower... the important thing is to use the correct substrate mix.... this information can be found in the brochure and potting up guide on the home page.... Hope this helps Josh..... If you ned to to chat with someone please speak to Marcel at the office, the phone number can be found on the website..

how can i become a retailer - Posted by reshat alkayisi

Please sent your query to and you will be looked after - Josh

Hi! Am looking to buy a 16 pot system. Question: I have a 55 gal polyethylene resin water barrel. Could I use it in place of the one you're offering? It's just sitting in the garden unused at the moment. Question: We will be placing Autopot system in a 8' x 8' or 8' x 12' greenhouse. Will the 16 pot system fit or should we downsize to a smaller arrangement? Question: We will be installing greenhouse on lawn. Do you have a suggestion as to the best base material for greenhouse/Autopots? A cement pad? Thanks! Lori - Posted by Lori

Hey Lori. Yes you can use your barrel - we will sent you the right tap for our connections. 8 x 12 feet is fine for the system. Depending how long you wish to have the greenhouse in that area a cement base is of corse the most solid - you would also get away with a log sub construction and ply wood if you plan to move around again - try to get all as level as possible. Josh

What is the maximum size (in sq. ft.) tray for the East2Go Kit? I remember seeing a limitation but could not locate it in your on-line literature. Thank you. PS - is there a way to "Search" the earlier questions asked. There seems to be a great data base of Ask Josh questions and it would be helpful to have the ability to search a question exactly before having to submit it. - Posted by Aaron

The valve would work a 4x4 tray - we are working on the search section - hope to be live this year - josh

Hello Josh. :) I have the auto pot six site 4gal(ish) size on the way. I run a two tent system. One for veg growth and another for flower. while I'm flowering in the six pot system I would like to have another six vegging in 6 other auto pots, and then when the flowering tent is done I can just move the ones from the veg and just plop then in once ive cleaned the system. I assume all I would need for the veg room since I will be putting cloes in them is just the six buckets and discs. Sound about right? I would probably not need another whole system since the plants will not be mature enough(large enough) to utilize the system. What do you think? - Posted by Eddie

Yes - exactly right - all you need is spare pots - hand water and when good to go for flower jus drop them into the trays - Josh

Josh, I need to purchase and set up several Easy2Go kit aqua valves in series and need t-connectors, a standard garden hose female adapter, and probably extra hose. Can you tell me which items I need to purchase? Already have trays and warter barrels with standard threaded spigots. Thanks. John - Posted by Johny Five Toes

Assuming you are on a 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] pipe for the water barrel - you would need a click fit connector female - 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] T"S - 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] pipe - 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] flush valves - 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] filter and the easy2go valves - all under accessories Josh

How do I prevent nutrient build up\gunk from creating blockages in my water lines and what's the best way to keep the water lines clear? - Posted by Henry Meyer

Try to avoid mixing too many different nutrients from various suppliers as some of them will react in the reservoir and the mix will start to rot - never use organics as they will also rot - use " drip clean " from "House and Garden " - flush your pipes regularly once a week - all amendments you are not sure about - for example CAL-MAG - top feed to the plants same a s organics - Josh

Hi do you guys have a distributor in South Africa Regards Sushil - Posted by Sushil Ramdas

NO unfortunately we have no distributor in South Africa

Hiya. Thanks for your help on the last question. Can you tell me please, once mixed, watching the ph, how long does the water stay usable for in a 47 litre tank, kind regards - Posted by Mark

Should last 1-4 weeks - so a full holiday cycle if needed - Josh

Hey Josh I would like to purchase an auto pot 12 with 12 airdromes hopefully with a 105 . I live in connecticut USA and have not been able to find the 12 pot system. where can I buy this system? I leave my plants for business up to 2 weeks at a time so thought a larger res would be more appropriate but would appreciate your input. Thanks so much for your time. Scott - Posted by scott

Hey Scott. You can get in contact with Autopot USA direct on 562 612 4182 - talk to Ricky - he will customize your order and you can pay over the phone with your credit card - yes and I would go for the 105 gal reservoir - josh

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