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what nutrients do i use to feed the plants? I cant find the easy2grow fertilizer available in the US? I have a 4 pot system which i just received, but I dont know what nutrients to use. - Posted by HELEN LYONS

Hi Helen. All mineral nutrients will work in the system - also very cool are the slow release nutrients sticks from Windchester Gardens in Ohio - then you only feed water - also available at Winchester as organics - josh

I have two questions please 1) Is it alright to use Tomorite in the water tanks? 2) When running the system, I have a two pot tray with a two pot extension, it runs well for a time and then suddenly stops watering the plants even though the water tank is full. I the have do disconnect everything and play around until I get water coming out of the pipes again and then have to put it all back together. This works well for a while and then it happens again. The second time I had been away on holiday and the plants were starting to die. (Please note I had been using your own liquid fertiliser at this time) Thanks - Posted by Harry

Hi Harry. If you mean tomorite mineral plant food yes you can - rule of thumb is no organics as they rot in the reservoir - always take less as recommended so you not overdose the plants and block the pipes. Looks to me in general your pipes get clogged - when you fill your res for the week fill only with water and let it run 2 days with no fertilizer to flush the root zone and the pipes- then add your nutrients - flush you pipes regularly once a week with the flush tap on the end of the line for 30 seconds - further i would like to recommend a product from House&Garden called " Drip Clean " - really easy to use and keeps all clean in the system - just 1ml on a gallon I think - If you still are concerned about your plants getting no water just feed water with no nutrients for the week you are out of house - Josh

Hi. I have a 4 pot system and want to purchase another one. My original purchase was made on Amazon. I would like to get the additional system directly, but see that is a coupon code. Can you provide the coupon code? Thanks. - Posted by Duane Davis

Hi Duane. You can simply order the 4 pot kit on our web page and we ship for free - please come back if you still have any issues - Josh

who is the importer of the flex tanks in the nederlands - Posted by paul smeets

Hi Paul We have three wholesalers in the Nederland's: - Hollands Glorie (also a retailer) - AutoPot Benelux (also an online retailer) - BTT (strictly wholesale) The addresses and contact details can be found on our UK website, i've added the link here for you: Thanks, Josh

Josh, I would like to order 1 ltr of easy2Grow Liquid Plant Fertiliser from the US location but I can`t find it on their site.I need it asap and have no idea how long it will take to receive it from the UK....Please help! Thank You Jerry - Posted by Jerry Alexander

Hi Jerry. Unfortunately this fertilizer is not available in the US - good and easy source would also be Winchester Gardens with their mineral and organic slow release tabs and spikes - then you only feed water - Josh

Hello, I called and talked to Ricky on Friday afternoon and he gave me his e-mail for a special order to send him. Long story short, I lost the paper I had it written down on. Would you please send me his e-mail address, so I can get my order to him. If you tell him it is for Brian from Alaska, he can verify. Thanks so much for your time. Look forward to hearing from you, Brian Hesson - Posted by Brian Hesson

Hi Brian. Here you go - josh

When it comes to the airdomes what size pump is reccomended for running 2 airdomes? - Posted by jason anderson

Jason. Up to 50 ltr\minute is fine - josh

I am running a 3.9 gallon 4 pot autopot system with 4 air domes. What size air pump or GPH should I be aiming towards? - Posted by Brennan

Hi Brendan - up to 50 ptr\min is fine - josh

We have auto pots and use Liquid Earth nutrients bought from Future Garden. They have no info on ratios for this system. So far we have had no luck using the auto pots. Too much nutrients using their mixing formula. Can you help with the right mixing ratios for cuttings, veg, and fruit stages? She uses 50% coir & 50% perlite. Thanks for your time Ed C - Posted by Ed Cunningham

Hi Ed. I am not sure if Liquid Earth is organic or mineral feed - if organic you can't use it as it will rot in the reservoir - only use mineral nutrients - your mix is correct 50 \ 50 coco \ perlite. For a beginner to ease things I would just go with a rich garden soil and mix 40% perlite - if plants need food just top feed once a week in the later stage - for the beginning you are fine up to 4 weeks anyway - growing with coco needs a lot more experience - hope that helps - please keep me posted how you are getting on ! Josh

How long should I have my air domes on for? And if I have a co2 tank in the room is it on to have the pump on at the same time as the co2? - Posted by Aviv

Hi Aviv, AirDomes should be turned on once the plant has been established, they can be left on 24/7, they can be pulsed, or they on be left on only during the lights on... It really is up to the grower... DO not worry about the Co2 as it will warm and rise in the the room.... Hope this helps Josh....

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