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What am I supposed to do when the 1/4" nipple breaks on the auto-valve? - Posted by Rob

Hi Rob..... Wiggling pipework from the AQUAvalve nozzle is not suggested .... Ideally you should only pull the pipework directly away from the AQUAvalve, pouring a little hot water over the connection will help with removing the pipe from the AQUAvalve.... If you email he will be able to send you a main body of the AQUAvalve.... Josh...

Hi, what is your return policy and do you sell the easy2gro liquid feed? Thank you. - Posted by Bruce

Hi Bruce, Any products that are deemed to have a manufactures fault are replaced, any products that have not been used within a period of time are also replaced. Unfortunately we do not supply the easy2grow feed in the US, it is only available in the UK and Europe.. Ionic by Growth Technology is very similar and is manufactured by the same company.. Josh.....

Our 12.5 gallon green tank got a big crack in the bottom of it. We would like to purchase just a new tank. Is that possible? - Posted by Adam Bouffard

Hi Adam, sorry to hear this, please contact, he will be able to sell you just the reservoir .... Josh....

What is the total length of the 8 pot xl system including 100gal tank? thanks - Posted by B

It would really depend on the configuration of your layout, please have a look at our brochure and online shop as the pot and tank measurements are all there. Alternatively, please check out our layout creator on our home page, you can add the dimensions of your growing space and then add the pots and tanks. Thanks, Josh

can I use rock nutrients for autopots - Posted by Juan Carlos Galang

Do I have to use clay pebbles at the bottom of my AutoPot system? This is my second attempt to use the AutoPot system and my plants are not feeding from it. I made sure to use now more than an inch of clay pebbles at the bottom, and filled the rest with coco and perlite. I gave the plants 21 days to establish a root system before filling the reservoir, and they still aren't feeding from it. - Posted by Brennan

Hi Brennan, This is a perfect mix..... what are your room temp & humidity, are these correct..... If you have been watering by hand for 3 weeks then the plant/s should be well established..... how do the plants look..... Any more information would be helpful... Josh...

Hi josh. My question is. I'm using the 1 inch coco mats in the roughly 4x4 trays. the problem I'm running into is the water level is only coming half way up the mat. is there an adjustment or a fix for this ? Thanks. Mike. - Posted by Mike

Hi Mike.... the coco pads need to be throughly soaked/submerged over night, the water will not wick to the top surface unless this is carried out..... Simply adding the AQUAvalve flooding to a 20mm level will not (unless the coco pads are pre-soaked) lift any higher.... Pre-soaking will fix the issue .... also do you have the root control sheet over the top too, this needs to be soaked will a little drip of washing up liquid for 5-10 minis plain water..... Cheers Josh..

Will fertilizer degrade the flex tank material? can flex tank sit in the hot sun? will the material degrade? How long will flex tank last in the sun? - Posted by rita

Hi Rita, We have been selling FexiTanks in hot countries for many years with no issues with heat degrading the tank or fertilizer degrading the tank. Thanks, Josh

Can the root control disks be reused? - Posted by Richard Waibel

Hi Richard.... yes they can .... the copper simply is oxidised but is still there..... depending on the quantity you can either use a washing machine or by hand in the sink.... ensure you rinse off with fresh water once clean... Josh...

Would the 4autopot system cause problems for other plants in a greenhouse or for itself due to hot weather I had a plant that had root rot last year I was using clay pebbles outdoor is there a media thats keeps plants cool under hot climates - Posted by German

Hi German, Ideally you should try to make sure the growing area has the correct environment .... any media will absorb the ambient room/area temperature....there are certain products that say they can be added to the water / medium that help keep a cooler root zone but we have not tested them..... please visit in the UK as they manufacture a similar product that you might be able to source in your country... Josh...

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