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Can I use an organic nutrient line such as BioBizz in my AutoPot system? I intended to use Drip Clean with it and having an in tank pump inside my reservoir well mixed. Do you think this will be an issue? The mixture seems no thicker than when I use Advanced Nutrients in my reservoir. I'm trying to find a way to grow all organically while using the AutoPot system without running into line issues. - Posted by Brennan

Hi Brennan, No, we do not recommend using liquid organic nutrients in AutoPot systems under any circumstances. Although the nutrient may seem no thicker than mineral nutrient it will ultimately fall out of solution and decompose due to its organic nature. This will cause blockages in the system. Please see our Advanced Growing Guide for more tips here: To use BioBizz with an AutoPot system fill your reservoir with plain water and hand feed diluted BioBizz solution directly into your pots. Switch your reservoir off at the tap the day before feeding the nutrient in order for the plants to consume the nutrients in the Pot. Once this hand feeding is complete leave for 24 hours before switching the water back on

Josh, I am only using one Go Large pot in the dual easy 2 grow setup. My question is about the water that is in the tray with no pot does that water need to be removed or does it flow over into the other tray once the plant in that tray absorbs the water from the tray its in ? - Posted by Mykhael Walker

Hi Mykhael, The AQUAvalve should work the same way, so the water should fill and drain. We do sell individual trays on our online shop, this might make things a little easier for you and also stop sediment from building up in the empty side of the tray: Thanks, Josh

What does the aquavalve do? - Posted by Frank

Hi Frank, Please have a look at our AQUAvalve animation: Thanks, Josh

Hi, what is the dimension of the pack? - Posted by Eitan Rosenthal

Hi Eitan, Were not sure which pack you mean? if you have a look at the online shop, all of the product dimensions are noted there. Thanks, Josh

I already set up my pots but I think I put the root control disc in wrong, gold face up. Can I leave it like that for this grow or will it be detrimental. Thanks - Posted by Gary Wargas

Hi Gray, This way will work just fine. Thanks, Josh

Can the flexi tanks be used to store drinking water? - Posted by Mario

Hi Mario, I would suggest that they are washed internally with a mild soap detergent prior to storing water once they have had any oils from manufacturing removed then you are good to go.

I would like to use the system indoors only. What size Autopots do you recommend for tomato plants. If I have one tomato, 2 pepper, 1 cuke what size reservoir do I need if I'm gone on vacation for 2 weeks so it will not run dry. The system is indoors only with LED lights. Temps should be about 70 to 75 degrees most of the time. - Posted by Mark Lindsay

Hi Mark, I would probably suggest that you use x4 1Pot Modules (3.9gallon) with a 25 gallon FlexiTank, this should give you enough water over a 2 week duration... Also if growing these crops try to maintain humidity levels no lower than 65%.... Josh..

Hi Josh, Could you please suggest a few, recommended brands of nutrients suitable for the Autopot system using Rockwool which has no nutrient content itself. I've used only one brand in the past, and would like other choices if there are any. preferably a 2 or 3 part solution set thank you again, Hank - Posted by Hank Nevil

Hi Hank..... Ideally you are looking for a good clean mineral fertiliser range... Keep away from think boosters and additives as these tend to separate in the reservoir and pipes... Some brands that I am aware of in the US that are suitable are as follows: Botanicare GHE 3 part Canna Mills Some of these brands also have thick boosters as an optional addition to the range..... As I said earlier they are not suitable to add to the reservoir.... If you wish to use them the best way to apply is as follows: Turn the system off the night before.... then the next day mix up the additives in a separate container and fill each tray to the point where the pipe enters the tray... not through the top of the pot..... Leave for 10-20 mins then top up again.... Leave over night then the next day turn on the system again..... You can do this once a week until if required.... Hope this helps .... Josh...

Hello, What is the total dimensions of the 4-pot system (with trays)? I am looking to place the 4 Autopot system in a 24" x 48" x 72" tent and would like to keep the reservoir outside of the tent. Also, what is the diameter of the tubing used and can it be replaced with readily available tubing or does tubing need to be ordered through autopot? Thank you. - Posted by John

Hi John, If you take a look at the brochure on the home page the dimensions should be here.... The pipe is specific to AutoPot, there are similar types of pipe available around the US that may be suitable but it is wise to check it all fits first.... the O/D of the pipe is 6.3 the I/D is 4.2mm..... Josh...

I have room for a144 pot system. My question is, How many pots can I add to a 100 pot 15L system? Is it even possible to do this? Or do you make bigger system So? - Posted by Don

Hi Don, Many thanks for your enquiry. The AutoPot system is modular and can be extended to a limitless number of pots provided you have the space and an adequate supply of water. Your main concern in your current situation should be the size of your reservoir. The 100Pot 3.9gal/15ltr system you are currently running requires a minimum 200 gal FlexiTank/Reservoir. For a 144Pot 3.9gal/15ltr system you are going to need at least another 100 gal FlexiTank/Reservoir alongside your current one to provide enough irrigation. Ensure that the FlexiTank/reservoir is a min 6 inches off the ground in order to maintain gravity pressure. Other than that it's simply a matter of hooking the additional modules up and off you go!

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