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Hello, I sent an email on Monday and haven't received any response so I wanted to try reaching out again.... I purchased the AutoPot 4 pot setup in January and the plastic piece that connects to the tubing on one of the aqua valves snapped off over the weekend from normal use. I'm hoping that you guys have some sort of guarantee with your product and will replace the aquavalve piece that broke. I have had it for less than a year and this is the only the second crop that I have used it for so it is very disappointing to have it break already. Please respond as I am now having to manually fill it each day which defeats the purpose of the Autopot. Also, to replace this cheap, plastic part seems ridiculously expensive. Please help! Sincerely, Alex - Posted by Alex Scott

Hello Alex, Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Apologies for the delay in responding. I've brought this matter to the attention of the US Office but it seems that they don't have your email to date. As this is the only means by which they can reach out to you they have asked me to request that you send a picture and also proof of purchase (receipt or an order number) to and they will do their best to resolve the problem. In the event that you don't hear from them you can also contact them on (+1) 562 612 4182 and failing that please don't hesitate to contact me here. All the best, Josh

Hello, I was wondering if a fabric pot like smart pots could be used instead of the plastic ones provided. - Posted by Josh

hi will you ship the auto pot - 4 pot system to Canada? what is shipping cost to Canada? - Posted by Khanh Pham

Hi Khanh, Many thanks for your enquiry, apologies for the delay in responding. We have experienced shortages of 4Pot systems in the US this week and wanted to give you the clearest possible answer. Given the stock situation and that your shipping enquiry requires specific advice we suggest you contact our US Office directly via You can also get in touch via Tel & Fax via (+1) 562 612 4182 All the best, Josh

I recently purchased the 2pot 3.9 gallon system from you and I want to upgrade the tubing to the larger diameter tubing. I was wondering if you could make me a parts list of which fittings and tubing I would need to order to order from you so I can upgrade my system. - Posted by Larry

Hi Larry In our experience the pipe system that you have should be more than adequate for your 2pot system. If you still wish to upgrade, you will need the following: 19mm top hat grommet, you will need to drill a 23mm diameter hole in the tank to accommodate this. 1/2inch inline filter 1/2 pipe - length up to you 1/2inch inline tap 1/2inch to 1/4inch cross connector Thanks, Josh

Josh, Do you have a program where you can donate some of these to an aquaponic farm to help market your product? I have a pretty successful You Tube channel and I believe that if I used some of these in my videos it could help you to sell them from your website. Just an Idea. I have seen them used successfully in Thailand (James Harrison of Green Evolution Aquaponics Thailand) and I believe that there could be a large segment of my viewers that would like to see them. My channel name is FensterFarm Greenhouse. Chuck - Posted by Chuck Fenster

Hi Chuck, Please email my colleagues Manny and Dan, who will be able to assist you with your query: Thanks, Josh

How much space does the the 12 pot system take up? - Posted by Robert Woods

Hi Robert, It depends on what variations you had in mind, but a minimum of 8x4ft. Please have a look at our brochure and online shop as all the products have the dimentions noted, which will help you decide how the system will fit into your growing area. Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh... been running the autopot system for about 5 months straight without stopping. 2 days ago one of my valves ran away = didn't shut the water off going into the autopot causing a overflow issue. I'm running the largest pots you have available. It wasn't that bad as my 60gal res was just about empty so I had minimal cleanup. Filled the res and fiddled with the valve that I knew was the culprit. Didn't really do anything to "fix" it but I tested it after re-fill and it was working as expected. Today another pot did the same thing. This time much more water and larger clean up. Luckily I was home and caught the problem but I did have a mess to clean up. Here's my question: What do I need to do to maintain the valves so they don't run away on me like that?? How often do you recommend doing whatever it is you will recommend for me. I filter all the water going into the res ... do I need to clean the reservoir every so often as well? Is there build up of minerals in the valves that caused this? I run just filtered water into the res and into the autopot system. I have the XL system and run 9 of the large 7+ gal pots, put the screen down then on top of the screen 1-2" of clay balls, then my soil mix which is completely organic. Much help is appreciated. Cheers - Posted by Bob Brown

Hi Bob, We recommend servicing the valves once a month, I have attached the link to the instruction booklet for more information on how to do this: We do not recommend using an organic liquid fertiliser as this can clog the pipes and leave a film on the silicones. Please make sure that you clean clean the face of the AQUAvalve silicons to make sure nothing is stuck, and then make sure they are fitted correctly. Hopefully this information will help. Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh, What do I need to do to make my (2) 4 pot, 1/4" setups converted to the 1/2" tubing set up? I run the 8 pots on one set up with the reserviors connected. I'm finding I'm getting clogging at the end of my run and I think I will get less clogs in a bigger tube. - Posted by Nick

Hi, When 2Pot System available? message say out stock. Thank You, Simon - Posted by Simon Ho

Hi Simon, Many thanks for your enquiry. Apologies for the delay in restocking we're urgently trying to get more units in place by all possible means. We sincerely hope the situation will be resolved this week but cannot confirm this at present. We will update the shop notifications as soon as the systems are in place. Aware that this doesn't actually help much but hope the answer assists you in some way. All the best!

Hi Josh, am I able to request the hard plastic reservoir in place of the "FlexiTank"? I prefer a hard plastic reservoir in place of a flexible reservoir as cleaning and overall maintenance would be easier for me. Thank you. - Posted by John

Hi John, Unfortunately we do not supply hard plastic reservoirs, we can supply all the necessary fittings to connect to the reservoir. Please feel free to call the office and speak with Ricky to determine what you need once you have sourced a suitable reservoir locally... Josh....

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