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How much is the 4pot system cost? Where can I order them? - Posted by Ryan

Hi Ryan, If you contact he will be able to help you out, we have plenty in stock in LA, you can pay on the website, by either using PayPal or your credit card... Josh... Hi Ryan. The 4 pot system cost 199$ we sent to your door step - my mail is Kind regards Marcel

I live in the US. Which type of air pump would you recommend using on 24 airdomes in an easy2grow 24 system - Posted by Joseph Marshall

Hi Joseph.... Ideally you are looking for a pump that delivers 20-30 litres / min ... Mirror the pipe work layout for the water.... large pipe reduced to the smaller pipe at each AirDome point. You might need to look at a few pumps as you will need to figure out how to attach the 1/2" pipe to the AirPump... Quite often the larger pumps come with a brass fitting that is screwed into the front of the AirPump... If the 1/2" pipe will fit on this great.... if not... either a Jubilee clip or a 1/2" straight connector pushed onto the brass fitting will do the job.... dont forget you will need to cap the end of each 1/2" pipe with a 1/2" end stop.... Try not to do your pipe layout in 1/4" pipe because it will not be enough or you will have to use quite a few pumps... Remember just mirror the pipework used to supply the water.... Josh...

Hi, I need 4 15 liter square AutoPot and 1 8 pack of root control disc’s - Posted by Dolly Harris

Hi Dolly... If you contact Marcel at he will be able to help you with what you need.... Thanks Josh....

I would like to try a kumquat tree in an XL pot. Are these available in the US? What media would you suggest for this...I was thinking of rock wool/clay pebbles Thanks, Allan - Posted by Allan Murphy

Hi Allan. Yes the 1Pot XL modules have just arrived in the US.... If you contact Marcel at he will be able to arrange delivery. Rockwool clay pebbles sounds like a great mix.... what are the requirements soil wise for a Kumquat tree, as far as I know free draining and they do not like wet feet so this this mix sounds OK... Which pebble are you using, if Hydroton please pH balance them first or alternatively simply use pH stable pebbles instead.

hi, i have just purchased invoice #1067. paid 3.40. i was wondering when would i be expecting the delivery? thank you - Posted by joseph

Hi Joseph, Marcel is dealing with your order in LA. His contact email is, please contact him and he will no doubt give you a call to arrange everything with you... Josh...

Hi Jeff, does the 200 gal reso. Have an attachment on the back to work in conjunction with a RO device? I want a collapsible reso, but want to set up a float valve on it to stop the flow. So I don’t have to babysit it. Please advise! Thanks!! - Posted by Kyle

Hi Kyle, Unfortunately the reservoirs don't have additional holes at the moment, you can however adapt the top of the tank to accommodate an attachment ..... you will need to support the connection with a section of wood or similar to support the connection between two legs...Josh...

how much air in domes,little,lot? - Posted by joe

AirDomes now in the US, please contact, he will be able to help you with what you need.... Thanks Josh... As long as air is bubbling through the plants will be fine and grow faster....

Josh, would love to buy 4 gallon pot system as this size is not available in Australia. Do you deliver to Australia, and how much would shipping costs be? Thsnk You. Linda. - Posted by Linda

Hi Linda, If you contact he will be able to advise you on the information you require.....Josh... pot sizes to choose from are 2.2 gallon, 3.9 gallon or 6.6 gallon...

Can the water source from tank be replaced by water from fish tank since Im intrested doing integrated farming AQUAPONIC - Posted by Aidi

Hi Aidi, yes you can do this .... however please be mindful that fish waster is really only suitable to grow/support leafy/herb type crops.... plants that require high levels of feed will not be supported enough from fish waste.....Josh...

Hello Josh, It seems the plants closer to the reservoir are drinking more and are larger. The reservoir bottom is about 3 inches higher than the black autopot and about 9 inches from the top of the autopot to the surface of the res water. How high does my reservoir need to be? I have the tube split right away going to 2 autopots on each side, total of 4. - Posted by Kevin

Hi Kevin... The delivery and position of your reservoir seems fine, do you have a hot spot/cold spot in your growing area, min height of the res should be around 6". The height of the res I don't think is the issue.... How do all the plants look are they deficient ... is your environment correct... temp and humidity 24 hours a day... Josh....

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