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I was hoping you could clarify the thread I read about what mediums to use. Since I am putting one inch layer of hydroton at the bottom of the pot -can I use a 50/ 50 mix of hydroton and rockwool chunks ( which is great in 2 gallon smart pots on 3 by 6 foot tables -ebb n flo ) throughout or does it have to be hydroton and Coco? Since I'm trying to stay away from soil what would be your ideal soilless mix or solo medium such as tuper Royal Gold? Thank you for your time - Posted by Jon jackson

50 mix hydroton \ rock wool is fine - you can take any substrate as long as it is mixed in a 50 ratio for good capillary activity and well aerated - josh

Still getting: Error Detected The link you have used to enter the PayPal system contains an incorrectly formatted item amount. I get this when trying to place an order. - Posted by Scott Griffith

Hi Scott Please ring us direction 310 658 1329. we can process the order over the phone and take cc details.

Can this system be used with readily available hydroponic nutrients? I am confused whether the plants require direct fertilization in the bucket, or whether the nutrients are drip fed from the reservoir? In other words, is this system similar to a regular hydroponics system where the nutrients circulate in the water? - Posted by Trent

Exactly not a drip feeder as they would require power and pumps - AP is the only gravity feed ebb and flood system - mineral nutrients go straight in to the reservoir - follow your feed chart of your nutrient supplier - the water\nutrient solution wigs up from the tray into the pot - if you want to feed organics put slow release pellets into the substrate and only feed plain water . Please also have a look at our online brochure in regards useful information for substrates - Josh

I am having trouble finding an online store that sells a full line of your Autopots. Especially the easy2grow series. seems to have some, but they are getting really slow on filling orders. Can you advise of a US seller that maintains reasonable stock and has a good reputation? Thank You, Scott Griffith - Posted by Scott Griffith

Hi Scott. Go to Autopot USA direct - they ship from LA - website to order is - - Josh

I tried to place an order and the PayPal link is not sending the correct data. Says the amount is not formated correctly to send to paypal. - Posted by Scott Griffith

we will look into this - thanks for the heads up - Josh

I'm interested in your 200 gallon flexi reservoir, does it come with the connection to run a 1/4 inch line from the bottom that I can use to gravity feed? I see in the pictures there seems to be some sort of hose connection but I don't need that big of a line. If it doesn't come with the adapter what parts do I need to be able to connect a 1/4 inch line ? I see you have many parts. - Posted by Travis M Stuart

Please look at the 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] - 1 inline filter - this filter will fit the 200 gal reservoir and you can attach a 1 pipe - Josh

Josh, thanks for the response on my previous question. Here is some more info. They took on that amount of water in less than 12 hours. The plants are around 5 weeks old. They look healthy and happy, except I am concerned about root rot. I have left the reservoir turned off since it emptied and the pots are still very saturated 3 days after the initial feeding. I do have your airdromes installed but I don't have them running yet. Will the pots maintain a heavy moisture content with this system? It is new to me, and I just want to avoid root rot. Thanks Nate - Posted by Nate

Hi Nate. What size system are you running - is it the XL pots or 3.9 gal ? where the pots very dry when you put them into the system ? Did you put in a inch layer of perlite \ growstones or hydroton into the bottom of the pots ? The airdromes get turned on after the plants have established in the pots for 2-3 weeks - so you are god on that end - in this system the plants control the moisture content as they feed - you can't overfeed or underfeed as the plant is in control - it is unusual though that the pots are very heavy over saturated - if so you will see the leaves turn yellow and look stressed - but as long as the plants look healthy all is going according to plan - they will consume twice as much water as compared to hand watering - your 50 mix is fine also - please monitor your plants now for another 3 days and come back to me - turn the system back on - Josh

I have a bail of sdvances sunshine mix 4, Ingredients: Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, perlite, coir, dolomite lime, gypsum, organic fertilizer, proprietary blend of endomycorrhizae, and organic wetting agent. I also have a lot of hydroton, my questions is this advanced sunshine mic suitable for autopots? I would love to use it being I just bought a bale of it just before acquiring the autopots system. If I can use the sunshine, how much hydroton should I mix in it? I am going to get some air domes for this system as well. Thanks for answering my previous question also. Also would it be ok to transfer a plant from a 1gallon pot that has just sunshine medium in it. into the autopot? or will this not work. I am eager to use this new system. I have 2-easytogrow 4pot systems just sitting there, please get me going in the right direction. thanks, corey - Posted by corey

Hi Corey. You can take any substrates as long as you mix it further 50% with Hydroton Growstones or Perlite size 2 - don't forget to put in a pure layer of 1-2 inch stones as name above into the bottom of your pot for extra aeration in the root zone - you are fine with your gallon pot to put into your 50 mix and your pure Hydroton Growstones or Perlite in the bottom - Josh

Hi Josh, I recently set up 36 of your XL pots with a 100 gallon res. I use a 50/50 canna and perilite mix. It doesn't seem like the aqua valves are working properly. The pots continue to absorb water until the reservoir was empty. Meaning each pot took up roughly 3 gallons of water. Is this normal? It seems to me that the pots are being overfed. I believe the aqua valve is set up correctly, pushing them down onto the T in the tray. No water is spilling out from the trays. Let me know your thoughts? Thanks Nate - Posted by Nate

Hi Nate. So far you set up the system correctly and valves are pushed on T in the tray - no overflowing - the plants should look great but you say they are over feed - in what time did the plants consume the water ? How long are the plants in the system and how old are they ? How do they look ? Please advise for further trouble shooting - you can also respond to our technician team at - cheers - Josh

Does the reservoir need to be kept a certain temperature? I thought hydro systems have to keep the water at a certain temp to prevent problems. If so what is the temp? - Posted by corey

If you keep the temperature at around 70-72 fahrenheit all is fine - be aware that the water in the bottom of the tank is way cooler than the top of the reservoir when measuring temperatures - all other hydro systems need far more monitoring as moving pumps and pressure change temperatures - we have very few issues with temperature - most common are outdoor operations in full sun where we recommend to shade the reservoir - Josh

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