AutoPot Watering Systems USA introduces environmentally friendly irrigation systems that save water and energy. AutoPot Watering Systems require no power, pumps, mains water pressure or timers to operate. All AutoPot Watering Systems operate by simply connecting to a reservoir of any size and only need gravity pressure to function. AutoPot Watering Systems are undoubtedly some of the most water efficient irrigations in the hydroponic market. No water is wasted, resulting in huge water and fertiliser savings of up to 50%.

Did you know?

  • When you water your plants with a watering can, there is between 30% and 40% wasted water
  • When you have a drip system or any other automated system 40% to 100% of water is wasted
  • AutoPot Watering Systems only give the plant the amount of water it requires, resulting in no wastage
  • Most other irrigation systems use electricity, where as AutoPot Watering Systems work using gravity from a reservoir of any size
Saving Water

By using the AutoPot Watering Systems, your plants, vegetables and fruit are not only receiving the exact amount of water and fertiliser making them grow and bloom better, but you’re saving up to several hundreds of gallons of water per year.