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1Pot XL Tray and Lid with Grommet

  • 1x XL Tray
  • 1x XL Tray Lid
  • 1x 3/8″ Grommet (AQUAvalve5) or 1x 1/4″ Grommet (AQUAvalve4 and earlier)
    • AQUAvalve not included


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A replacement 1Pot XL Tray and Lid as supplied with AutoPot XL modules and systems. The 1Pot XL Tray and Lid accepts a 6.6 gal XL Pot , a 3 gallon Spring Pot or a 5 gallon Spring Pot fabric pot (pots not included).

This listing includes 1x 1Pot Tray, 1x 1Pot Tray Lid and 1x Grommet. Please select the 3/8″ Grommet if you are using the AQUAvalve5 (gray/black) or the 1/4″ Grommet (AQUAvalve4 black/red valve or AQUAvalve3 blue/yellow).
The Tray and Lid may also be used with an AQUAplate Circle Kit (pot and circle kit not included). The tray requires an AQUAvalve5 to function as part of an AutoPot Watering System. Additional fittings to connect to an existing system may need to be purchased.
We recommend using root control discs inside the pots or PotSock Rounds (not included) on the bases of your pots to prevent your plant’s roots from impairing the performance of the AQUAvalve5.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Grommet Size

3/8" (AQUAvalve5), 1/4" (AQUAvalve4 & AQUAvalve3)


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