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Benjamin Biggs, owner of Plantasia, on why AutoPot are his irrigation system of choice…

“With only a couple of staff it’s a godsend to have the AutoPot systems to water and feed our 10,000 sq ft greenhouses. Cultivating an ever-changing range of plants is simple thanks to the responsiveness of AutoPot. The AutoPot system allows plants to draw exactly what they need, when they need it. So feeding is always perfectly in synch with each plant, regardless of type – we call this Plant Driven watering. There’s zero wastage on water and fertilizer and it’s 100% power-free, meaning we can afford to experiment and grow to our heart’s content.”

A word from AutoPot

For nearly two decades Ben has been working with AutoPot Watering Systems. The length and strength of this relationship is a testament to the systems reliability and versatility, and to Ben’s growing prowess.

Ben knows how to get the very best from the system with a multitude of plant species, growing mediums, and nutrient formulations. He is the trusted go-to man for major nutrient and medium brands who come to verify and demonstrate their products harmonious compatibility with AutoPot watering systems.

This made teaming up with Ben to form the AutoPot Demonstration Center a total no-brainer. At the Center, Ben and his team create exquisite living displays of outstanding quality for AutoPot’s annual showcase trade expo. The displays at Plantasia are the true center piece of the expo each year and a firm favorite with visitors and exhibitors alike.

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1 thought on “Benjamin Biggs, owner of Plantasia, on why AutoPot are his irrigation system of choice…

  1. I been growing now for going on my 4th year and I truly love it 2008 I had a truly life changing moment when I had fallen 20ft and lost my taste and smell and broken my back and had a bleeding on the brain and I’m truly the kinda person that doesn’t give up so I started growing my own meds and 2019 I came off of all the meds the doctors prescribed me and now I ordered my own set of auto pots and pretty excited about using them hoping that it works out for me

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